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Can I do my own Conveyancing?

There is no legal reason why you shouldn’t do your own Conveyancing. There are only certain parts of a property transaction for which you must use a Solicitor or Licenced Conveyancer, for example the final transfer of the property. All the other parts you can do yourself.

DIY Conveyancing may be more suitable for people who perform a high level of transactions and already have a firm understanding of the process. Where the cases are more likely to be the same type the process can be standardised, for instance if you buy lots of properties without needing to get a mortgage. But during the course of a normal transaction any number of small issues may crop up making it hard to follow a simple ‘recipe’ for doing your own Conveyancing. However if you have a lot of free time and really want to have a go then it may also appeal.

So why do most people choose to employ a professional to do their conveyancing for them? Conveyancing is not simple! It is a complex process involving many stages which have to be followed correctly. In particular communicating with the other parties involved in the transaction and coordinating the parties to work to a common goal. At a law firm managing even a simple Conveyancing case requires a team of people and takes a considerable amount of time. Imagine doing your own conveyancing where a case is more complex! Doing your own Conveyancing can be time consuming for the untrained and it may turn out to be cheaper in the long run to pay someone to do it for you.

Where you are getting a mortgage your mortgage company will almost certainly require you to engage a Conveyancing Solicitor at some stage in the transaction to protect their own interests. This will be a strict condition of their mortgage. So if you already have to engage a Solicitor on behalf of your mortgage company why not kill two birds with one stone and get a Solicitor that can manage your case as well? We are not trying to convince you not to do your own conveyancing, but suggesting that you would save a lot of time.

Like all things these days conveyancing prices keep coming down. There is a misconception that Solicitors are expensive. This probably dates back to years ago. Comparing prices online you can see that at the moment Conveyancing costs are down to an affordable level. Most people will undoubtedly find that they pay their estate agent far more than they pay their Conveyancer!

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