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Why do I need to hire a conveyancing solicitor?

There are an increasing number of people trying to do their own conveyancing in recent times. This is due to a rise in self help, do it yourself conveyancing resources. There is nothing stopping anyone from doing their own conveyancing but there are many pitfalls that you should consider. This article will try to set out things that you should watch out for if you are still determined to go down that route.

When you hire a conveyancing solicitor they will make clear at the start, in their terms and conditions, what they will and won’t do on your behalf. Their main remit is to coordinate all the parties involved in the transaction towards the final transfer of the property to your name. Therefore they will correspond on your behalf with these parties with the aim of achieving this goal. Conveyancing is a complicated process which involves many small but significant steps. A procedure has to be followed to make sure all paperwork has been filed correctly with the relevant authorities and funds are released at the right time.

A conveyancing solicitor offers you an added level of protection if they conduct the transaction on your behalf. Their experience with handling many different types of transaction gives them the knowledge to spot potential problems which may crop up. Examples of these types of problem could be old paperwork which hasn’t been registered properly, clauses in documents put in by previous owners or problems with boundaries exposed by plans of the property. This list is by no means exhaustive. An experienced conveyancer would spot problems like these and bring them to your attention so you could make the best decision while there is time to make your mind up.

When transferring a property all the parties involved would need to be checked in case they are trying to commit crimes under the guise of a property transaction. Your solicitors would run all the necessary checks with the relevant institutions to give the best possible chance of spotting people involved in this type of behaviour. This gives you peace of mind that you won’t be losing out if something untoward happens. Conveyancing solicitors are required by law to have valid professional indemnity insurance which covers their clients for any loss incurred in any eventuality to give the most stress free transactions. Law firms are also regulated by a professional body called the solicitors regulation authority so if you have any reason to complain your complaint will always be answered to your satisfaction.

During your move you will likely have many other things to worry about. Maybe you haven’t found your house yet and need to go house hunting around the area to which you want to move. And then once you have found your dream property and started the conveyancing you will need to arrange removals. Maybe the survey reveals that repairs may be needed on the new property and you want to arrange for the work to be done straight after completion. And you probably won’t take time off work while moving house so it will be a busy time. Do you really have the time and expertise required to go through all the paperwork as well?

I hope it hasn’t seemed like I am trying to scare you away from tackling your own conveyancing. It is just we at NBM Solicitors think with the complexity of a conveyancing transaction and online conveyancing fees as cheap as they are now available you would save time and stress letting your Solicitor deal with it so you can focus on what is important to you. Why not check our conveyancing prices online now?

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