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How to find a good conveyancing solicitor

Finding a good conveyancing solicitor is crucial to the process of conveyancing. Choosing the right solicitor can mean a lot of things. You can save hundreds and thousands of pounds and save your sale from falling through if you choose an able solicitor. You can look for a solicitor in multiple ways- you can ask your friends and family or find a solicitor from the website of the Law Society. You can also choose to hire a conveyancer from the website of the Council for Licenced Conveyancers instead of a solicitor. A solicitor is a licensed lawyer who can help you with all sorts of legal issues whereas a conveyancer has only specialized training in property. No matter if you hire a coneyancer or a solicitor, the main problem with hiring either from different websites is that you cannot know anything about the kind of service they will provide beforehand. If they are not careful about their work, it can lead to a bunch of complications. Your solicitor or conveyancer must be very meticulous and diligent when it comes to paperwork since any mistakes and delays on sending the right papers on due time can cause the deal to fall through. Your solicitor must keep you abreast of any progress in the process. You should avoid hiring solicitor on an estate agent’s recommendation because this is generally a way for agents to make high commission from the local authority.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when you decide to hire a solicitor-

  1. Cost: When you contact an agency that provides conveyancing services, make it very clear on the very first meeting that you will not proceed before getting a complete quote that addresses all the costs clearly-there can absolutely be no room for hidden costs that do not appear on the surface. The newest tool for shady conveyancing firms is called disbursements- costs that the solicitor has brought upon himself on your behalf. These costs do not appear on the initial quotes. Keep in mind that you are to face a few extra charges other than the solicitor’s fees as you go along the process such as search costs, telegraphic transfer costs and land registry fees. But some costs are rather dodgy that they try to sell off as disbursements- photocopy charges, phone calls etc. Make sure your solicitor has added VAT on the quote which will give you a clear picture of what the total cost will amount to. Don’t forget to get a “no completion, no fee” quote which will save your thousands from going to waste.
  2. Qualification and experience: A solicitor must specialize in conveyancing (not divorce or litigation) to be your idyllic conveyancing solicitor. Also, make sure that your chosen solicitor has previously dealt with convenyacing cases and has an immaculate track record.
  3. Locality: It is better to hire a local solicitor who knows your area well namely the property laws in your area. Local solicitors usually have a good rapport with local authorities and they can get your work done without much difficulty.
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