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Things to know before buying a home in Chelmsford City

Mostly people rely on services provided by professional personals in every field of business or services. Professional people have experience in their field of work and it also applied to home buying and selling. However still there are many people interested in doing the work by themselves. People who are interested in home buying by their own must know about all the technical terms, procedure and stage involves in the process of home buying.

First thing people need to understand is that, home buying takes days to complete. People just can’t buy a home in a day or two. Secondly, their will by many parties involves in the process of home moving such as buyer, seller, solicitor, mortgage companies, service provider and land the government itself.

It is obvious that when you buy a home the property will be turn on your name so transfer of ownership is a legal procedure and should be done by hiring a solicitor, an authorize person under law to facilitate the buyer for the transfer of property under their name. Reading all these technical term and procedure is difficult to understand so I will list down technical terms and stages that are involve in home moving in your local area.

Placing a Quote

If you are interested in buying a new house by yourself, first you have to find the best price for your property. You can take a small tour to the town or city that you want to move your home, there you can find ‘on sale’ houses and then you can choose the one that comply with your personal needs. It is important that you buy a home that will fulfill your personal demands such as the house should lies near your office, high school and other buildings that will be going to be the part of your future life. You will then place a reasonable quote that seller will like otherwise he will sell the house to some other buyer.

Stage one: Making a Contract

If the seller agrees on your contract then the contract will enter in the first stage of home buying. You can spend money on housing service to find any damages to the property to avoid any future expenses. If the seller and the buyer both agree on the quote, they will be signing a legal document. By this legal document seller can’t change his term neither did buyer. If seller or buyer refuses to buy or sell the home will be sued against their decision. After the legal work is done both by seller and buyer than the contract will enter into the transfer of property.


Before we discuss on transfer of property, let’s talk about mortgage. What is mortgage and how it will help in buying an ideal residence? Mortgage is a loan provided to the buyer for buying their residence in an ideal society where the buyer is interested to spend his/her future life. Mortgage is to be paid as an installment each month lasting for several years or may be less based upon the type of mortgage than one has got from loan providing companies. The property will be a collateral and in case of any lost, company will be authorize by law to sell the home against their lost and that is when insurance come handy. Now what is insurance?


Most of us already know about insurance as the word covey all its meaning and that is future security, protection or coverage against any future loss. People can insure their property under their name by contacting any well-known insurance companies in their city. You have to pay installments to the insurance company who will provide you future money against your lost. There are still more to insurance but you just need to know the basics.

Search services

You must know about search services and how it helps you to avoid any future expenses against any damage to the property. You can pay money to find any damage to any service provide who will evaluate the property of your. Property inspection, valuation, title search and land information are the common terms that you needs to interest before signing a contract.

Transfer of Property

Once you have signed a contract with the seller, you will be needed a legal personal to help you in your property transfer under your name. You will be going to pay for property register and the stamp fee.

Moving into your new home

On a specified date under the agreement you will move into your new home. That is it cheers up for buying a new home for spending your future life.

Best Solicitor in Chelmsford City

For buying a new home in the capital city o f Essex, you can visit the head office of NBMlaw group. They will help you in buying your new home in the city’s best location. Professional lawyers will facilitate you in transfer of ownership of your new home.

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