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Speed Up your Conveyancing: Straight from an Expert’s Remark

Buying and selling of properties can lead you to an emotional swing. While moving from an old location, you have the excitement of going to a new place decorating your new dream home. At the same time, you may have a hurting mind to move from your old sweet home and somehow you manage to carry the sweet memories to the new destination. In between these happy and sad moments, there can also be a tension that can bug you. That is, your conveyancing of selling the old property is taking too long. It is a very common complaint that we hear from them who is selling their properties.

Mr. and Mrs. Barker, living in the next door to mine, have just moved in. One day between a small talk, Mrs. Barker was expressing many people’s frustration well when she said that they have handed over all the documents but aren’t receiving any word from the conveyancer. It is like forever! The frustration that Mr. and Mrs. Barker is suffering from is not only theirs, many of us have faced this particular quiet moment while being in a conveyancing process.

Many experts have almost the same opinion about what you should do during this waiting period or what you should really have to do to lessen the time of conveyancing process. Everybody has a hidden question in the corner of their mind, why does this conveyancing process take week to complete? It is because conveyancing or property transaction is more likely a jigsaw. You need to fit each and every piece of the puzzle correctly to get the complete picture. This process basically starts when the seller provides all the information and documents to the conveyancer and after that when the seller and the buyer agree on a specific price. Then the agent of the buyer will perform all necessary searches and queries as a part of the survey. A simple and uncomplicated conveyancing takes four to six weeks. The clients are always encouraged to keep in touch with their agents. Keeping in touch will let you know the progress of the conveyancing process and you can also ensure that small issues that can be fixed over phone are not delaying the process.

The most time consuming part of the process is the pre-exchange period when all the parties review the contracts before signing them. And the agent or conveyancer needs to wait for the third party to receive necessary documents. Moreover, the agents need some more time to discuss critical issues and mortgage complicacies with concerned parties. You may ask your agent to give you a blind copy of email regarding your conveyancing so that you have proper indications of updates and you won’t have to tolerate that bitter silence.

Surveys somehow kill time a little if there are complications in the property ownership and mortgage issues. If the properties you are buying or selling you need to wait for all the surveys anyway but if the property has no such complexities then surveys are done really fast. But surveying a property is really important to negotiate price. Moreover, you can be less stressed about the actual property you are receiving and be sure that it matches with the papers as well.

The “No chain” process means the buyer of your property does not have to sell his own to buy yours. And this does really make the conveyancing process a lot faster.

Finally, you can be super organized and attentive to the updates of your conveyancing process to avoid the silence after you are just in the middle of your conveyancing.

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