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Conveyancing-Who To Choose and What to Pay

Conveyancing is done everywhere now- there are firms providing this service all over the United Kingdom. When buying or transferring ownership of property, it can be quite daunting to tackle all the formalities on your own. This is when you hire a conveyancer to do them for you. A conveyancer transfers the ownership of the property for in exchange for a fee. They will look over contracts, explain all the legal terms and conditions and advise you on the best course of action you should take. Of course, with so many conveyancers out there, it can be difficult to know who to hire. This will show you what kind of conveyancer you entrust your home or property to.

What will the conveyancer do?

A conveyancer will advise you on costs and prices and will tell you what to do. They will conduct property searches to ensure the condition and location of the property. Furthermore they will check with the local authorities to see if the property has any legal issues you should be aware of. They will also look over all the drafts of any contracts you may have to sign. At the end of the transaction, they will pay all the fees on your behalf. Finally, they will also register the owners with the Land Registry. In short, they will buy or sell any property for you, and will do all the hard work instead of you.

Who should you choose?

Decide whether you want a conveyancer or solicitor as soon as you decide to transfer the ownership of your property. A solicitor is a qualified lawyer who can offer you full legal services. They are better equipped to handle more complex situations. A conveyancer on the other hand, is someone specialized in property. You can choose either one according to your needs. A solicitor is more expensive than a conveyancer, but they will both help you sort out any legal issues and help in the transaction.

You may save money if you appoint the conveyancer in tandem with your choice of mortgage lender. If you have a specific mortgage lender, you can request a list of its approved conveyancers and choose from those. Or instead, use your existing solicitor or conveyancer or follow the recommendation of a trusted contact who has moved house – but you may be charged by your lender if it uses its own conveyancer. Your estate agent may also help you find a conveyancer. Estate agents will often recommend a local solicitor or conveyancer. But they often do so because they get a big commission that can add several hundred pounds to your bill. Moreover your family, friends and co-workers can also recommend conveyancers for you to try out.

Alternately, you can go for an online conveyancer. They are usually much more efficient and better value as a result of economies of scale and not being based in city centres. You can check their progress online and communicate through email and telephone. This will be particularly useful if you are internet savvy. This is also the cheapest conveyancing service you may find.

Whatever you do, choose a conveyancer after you talk to them and explain what you want to them. Listen to what they have to say. Pick someone who understands you clearly and is someone you can trust. It is vital to check their reputations and their success rates before you hire one. It is also better to pick a conveyancer with good IT and people skills. Once you have a conveyancer you like, the entire process will seem much easier.


Charges will generally include fees for the conveyancer’s time, telephone and internet charges, letters and an indemnity fee, plus a contingency for unforeseen circumstances. Furthermore, there will be council and Land Registry fees for searches and for lodging title deeds. Many offer a no-sale no-fee service where you will not be charged if the deal falls through. These days, conveyancing costs are relatively low, while searches and laws have become increasingly complex. To ensure a smooth move, you will be better off hiring a professional.

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