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Online Conveyancing

Online conveyancing is becoming more and more popular as it offers a huge array options and is much cheaper than traditional conveyancing. You can now find online conveyancing firms that offer you excellent service for much lower costs.

Should I choose Online Conveyancing?

If you are comfortable doing business by phone or email, you may want to consider an online conveyancing solicitor company. The entire transaction will be remote, you will never meet your solicitor. Online conveyancing firms have fixed fees and competitive rates. If your deal falls through, you will not have to pay them anything. You can also check the progress of your transaction on the firm’s website. Every step of the purchase should be recorded online, from searches being done to our payments having been received. You will be able to check progress at any time via a checklist reserved for your case, which is updated every day. This can be very reassuring as you are able to see that things were moving forward and if there had been any delays we could have seen what was causing them.

It is important to check the reputation of the firm before you decide to do business with them. Check the website of each firm you are considering. Look for testimonials and reviews of the services the firm offers. Many law firms that offer online conveyance services have fee estimators so you can compare costs between firms.

Compare the fees between firms. Like any other service, the price of a conveyancers will vary. Using a law firm in a direct contract will average £850. However, an online conveyance firm will range from £500 to £650. Make sure there are no ‘hidden’ or extra costs you may later have to pay.

Pros and Cons Of Online Conveyancing:


  1. No-sale no-fee service: If your deal falls through, you will not have to pay any fees.
  2. Provide online case tracking facilities. You can easily track the progress of the deal at any time and see what stage it is.
  3. Offer Conveyancing Quotes instantly online: you can see the costs and prices of the sale and compare them with that of other firms.
  4. They can offer cheaper Conveyancing and more efficient service than the traditional conveyancing firms around you.


  1. You will never have any direct contact with the firm/conveyancer. Any contact will be through email or telephone.
  2. There are several fraudulent firms that may try to scam you that you may not be aware of.
  3. You may not be aware of the quality of the service until it’s too late.

How does the process work?

First you must negotiate on the terms. The buyer and seller must agree on what fixtures, furnishings, and accessories convey with the property. Next, you must perform all the necessary searches. Your conveyance solicitor will handle this for you. They will make sure there is a good title and search things like zoning, easements, use restrictions, and planned construction in the area. Next, you will have to decide on a date for the completion. During a cash sale, the contracts and conveyance can be completed on the same day. However, most sales will take several weeks to complete. This will give the buyer time to finalize financing and both parties time to arrange moving and repairs. Once the contracts are finalized and signed you will have to pay a deposit of 5 to 10 percent of the sale price into escrow with the conveyancing solicitor. Finally, all that is left is the buyer moving in.

It is important to choose a firm that has your best interests at heart. Go over the feedback provided by other clients. Ask your friends and family for suggestions on which firm to use. A good firm will allow your transaction to go over as smoothly and quickly as possible They will get the best possible deal and for you and will ensure you get the service of your money’s worth. Above all, they will make the process easy and stress-free for you.

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