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Conveyancing Advice

Finding a perfect conveyancer is not the easiest task. Most firms will offer second rate services for very high costs. As such, finding a conveyancing solicitor that offers a reliable and personal service at a reasonable cost is quite a challenge when buying or selling a property. A good conveyancer is someone who will speed up your transaction, reduce the chance of the deal falling through and finally, make sure the process is as stress-free as possible. Poor conveyancers on the other hand, will take longer than necessary to complete the work, fail to alert you to potential problems, increase your stress levels ten-fold and ultimately cost you more money. As a result, finding a good conveyancer is very important to both your transaction and your mental health. While it can be daunting to search for the best firm, this list narrows things down by a great margin.

Here are signs of a good conveyancing firms:

  1. Operate on a “Fixed Fee Guarantee” basis: In the past Solicitors have charged for conveyancing work on an hourly basis. This lead to much higher costs. A “Fixed-Fee Guarantee” lets you budget accurately. Even if you run into unexpected complications, the fee will remain the same. With “Fixed Fee Guarantee” firm the fee you’re initially quoted will be the fee you pay.
  2. They are technologically advanced so you can track your progress online: These features separate the progressive conveyancing providers from the more traditional ones. For example, “Online Case Tracking” is especially useful because every step of your transaction will be recorded online through a dedicated website. It gives you the ability to check on the progress of your case at any time and know immediately if you’re making progress or what the causes of any delays are. In short, firms using the latest technology will save you time, money & the stress caused by not knowing what’s going on.
  3. Are on all major lenders’ “Approved” panels: This is important if you are buying with a mortgage because there’s a certain amount of legal work that needs to be done on your lender’s behalf .If the conveyancing firm you choose is not on your lender’s approved panel, your lender will instruct one that is. This will be an extra cost you have no control over. Having two solicitors working on your behalf will also increase the time it takes to exchange contracts. In short it will cost you more time, money and stress.
  4. You should be told who will be handling your case: Ideally you should be given their direct line. Some conveyancing firms operate under a “dedicated team” set-up where all admin tasks are delegated to paralegals or trainee conveyancers. A qualified professional Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer overlooks everything. In small to medium sized firms this tends to work well as it is a productive working system and manageable enough to maintain a personal, yet fast and efficient service. However, in larger firms these teams do not seem to work. These firms have large teams of under qualified employees. The firms’ websites will promise that they provide the highest standards of personalised service however, in reality it is otherwise. Conveyancing factories are fine for simpler cases. For more complicated cases, go to a smaller, more specialised firm.
  5. Operate on a “No move, no fee” basis: Since 1 in 3 sales tend to fall through, choosing a conveyancing firm that operates in this way is a vital. “No move – no fee” is a slightly confusing term because in reality, if the solicitor has paid for any disbursements on your behalf, you will be charged for these. It is only the solicitor’s basic fee that will be waived. There are however a few of firms that operate on an enhanced “No move- no fee” basis. If the deal fails; you will not have to pay anything.
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