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Comparing Conveyancing Fees in the UK

Conveyancing has become an essential task when considering property dealing. Buying and selling a property is a both hectic and critical as well as an important task. It is in fact a must for every property enthusiast who wants to buy or sell a property to get the procedure done by a conveyancer. Most people have a misconception about the cost of conveyancing and they cannot but have numerous questions that will the cost be high or not. It is, thus, best to clear the misconception and get an idea about the cost of conveyancing.

Property dealing requires lots of paper work. The complexity of property acquisition or selling is not always the same. Some properties require more paperwork while others do not. In fact, if you are buying property with the help of a bank loan or against a mortgage then you must know that it will be more cumbersome and have more paperwork to deal with. However, there are other instances too. Commercial properties have more complexity to them than personal properties.

What is the ideal conveyancing cost?

A solicitor is someone who will enable you to sell off or buy a property very quickly. Conveyancing solicitors are professional people with many years of experience under their belt. They have passed the licensed conveyancer course to become a professional conveyancing solicitor. Also, new graduates or new conveyancers charge less than conveyancers who have many years of experience and also those who have dealt with many properties in their work tenure.

Before jumping to the solicitor conveyancing costs and fees, it is best to know how much a conveyancing solicitor charges. On an average in the UK, the conveyancing fee of a studio apartment is somewhat same if compared with the cost of a mansion. The average cost is around 900 pounds. This cost might seem a lot but you must consider that this amount of money covers the conveyancing solicitor’s fee, different paperwork charges and all the other considerable fee and expenses.

Comparison of cost of conveyancing solicitors

As mentioned already, there is not much difference in conveyancing cost for similar properties. The difference arises due to different types of properties. Commercial properties have higher conveyancing cost. Thus, to compare conveyancing costs you need to know and be sure what type of property it is that you are selling or buying.

Firstly, personal properties have low conveyancing cost. Secondly, commercial properties have a higher conveyancing cost. However, from these, leasehold properties have a higher cost compared to personal or freehold properties.

In fact, in the UK, commercial conveyancing fees are charged by the hour because it is tend to be more difficult and complex. Licensed conveyancers are not full lawyers and you will find that commercial conveyancing are done by solicitors or lawyers. Thus, their charge is undoubtedly higher than someone who has just a license.

Leasehold properties cost the highest because these type of properties require extra investigation. Thus, cost of conveyancing of a leasehold property rises higher than a normal property and the fee is higher than the typical conveyancing fee. Or you can say the fee is greater than the average conveyancing fee that a conveyancing solicitor charges.

The average fee for a freehold conveyancing is around 900 pounds while the average cost of conveyancing for a commercial property is more than 1500 pounds. And a leasehold property costs at about 1100 property on an average.

If you sum up the others cost of each of these type of properties then the cost of conveyancing solicitors will be as follows.

For a freehold or a personal property like a house the total cost is around 1400 pounds. For leasehold properties it is slightly higher with fees summing up to 1600 pounds give or take. And the estimate fee for a commercial can sum up from a range of 2000 pounds to more than 10000 pounds depending on the property and place.

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