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Conveyancer or solicitor: which one to pick?

Conveyancing is the process that is required when planning to buy or a sell any type of property. Properties of different types and they require different types of paper work. The paper work tends to be easy or complex depending on the type of property that you are planning to buy or sell. For example, a residential property has easier paperwork compared to leasehold property. Thus, it can be said that leasehold conveyancing is more cumbersome compared to residential conveyancing. On the other hand, commercial conveyancing is more complex and requires more effort and time as commercial properties require more formalities to be fulfilled.

Conveyancing, therefore, is inevitable wherever you live and, especially it is mandatory in the UK. Those who do conveyancing are known as conveyancers. Generally, conveyancers do conveyancing of residential properties while solicitors do conveyancing for any type of property. However, they specialise in dealing with commercial properties more than do other types of properties. Now the question is which one should you pick? Should you go for a conveyancer or should you go to a solicitor? An easy solution lies ahead.

Know what type of property you are dealing with

The first and foremost objective is to see what type of property it is that you are dealing with. If you are planning to buy or sell off a residential property then it is best to go for a conveyancer. The question is why a conveyancer and not a solicitor for residential conveyancing? This is because residential conveyancers will charge less money compared to a solicitor. They charge less, thus, your costs are less and so you will get a better deal more easily.

On the other hand, solicitors are more experienced compared to conveyancers because they are usually lawyers. Anyone can become a conveyancer if they pass the conveyancing license exam but a solicitor is the only person who is a lawyer, a member of the court. Going to a solicitor is better if you are planning to deal with a property that is in a more prime location and is more competitive and has more potential buyers or sellers. This is because an estate agent will sell off any property to the person who bids the highest. Thus, paperwork done by a solicitor and their experience will act as an added plus if you are doing your residential conveyancing through a solicitor. But it will cost a lot compared to a conveyancer and DIY conveyancing.

Knowing what type of conveyancer you are picking

Conveyancers are of different types. One conveyancer is better than the other because of a few things. Firstly, a new conveyancer is less experienced compared to a conveyancer who has been doing this for more than five or say ten years. Therefore, getting your property handled by a more experienced conveyancer is better. A conveyancer can be affiliated with a law firm compared to a conveyancer who does not have any sort of affiliation with a law firm. A conveyancer who is affiliated with a law firm has more potential influence compared to a conveyancer who has not. Thus, it is best as they have a technical backup ready if required.

Know what type of solicitor you are picking

Solicitors are conveyancers who are usually licensed and specialised lawyers who have more technical knowledge and far more experienced than a typical conveyancer. Therefore, for many customers who are planning or buying a property – their ideal choice is always a solicitor. Solicitors usually do not work on smaller property matters this is because their charges are usually very high. Commercial conveyancing is usually done by solicitors because they are more cumbersome and require more time and effort and mostly more technical knowledge.

On the other hand, solicitors will readily deal with a leasehold property because they are more competent compared to conveyancers. It is always important to find a balance between your costs and what you desire. Both solicitor and a conveyancer are aptly prepared to work out and get your work done but it is up to you to choose between the two. For example, in the UK, conveyancing and conveyancing solicitor can both be found in Nigel Broadhead Mynard Solicitors who work with small to big properties in London, Manchester, Essex, Chelmsford, Cheshire and more.

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