Review of Conveyancing Services in the UK

Conveyancing solicitors are essential when it comes to dealing with any form of property in and around UK. Starting from residential conveyancing to commercial conveyancing for houses and even business land, conveyancing has become easy and less stressed compared to the traditional way of conveyancing. In fact, conveyancing now comes in different prices depending on the type of property that you are planning to buy. The cost of conveyancing is ranged from fixed fee conveyancing to average cost of conveyancing for a property.

DIY Conveyancing – knowing what it is

Conveyancing has become essential when you are trying to buy or sell a property in the UK. And it requires handling of certain documents that are imperative to the buying or selling of the residential conveyancing or the commercial conveyancing that you are doing. There are many licensed individuals and also law firms known as solicitors who do conveyancing. Starting from conveyancing for homes to soliciting for commercial properties, they are experienced in dealing with any form of property that requires buying or selling.

The main thing to this is that they require a certain form of fee to be paid for the conveyancing service that they will offer you. Conveyancing costs, therefore, done through a solicitor or a conveyancer not only includes the cost of the paperwork and documents but also the fee of the conveyancing solicitor whose service you are taking.

What should you do if the case is like this and you do not want to spend that extra amount of money? You can do DIY conveyancing. for DIY conveyancing, the first thing you need to have is prior knowledge of the handling the documents and knowing how the whole process works. This can be done online by reading blog sites or guides and getting a basic idea. However, if you want to do it very often and in the long term, why not get your own conveyancing license and become your own licensed conveyancer?

However, the main drawback to this is that DIY conveyancing is cumbersome and requires a lot of time compared to conveyancing done by a conveyancing solicitor or just a solicitor. Also, as you are inexperienced in this matter, thus, you will not be able to have a contingency plan ready if any sort of complication arises. And in case of properties like leasehold properties, conveyancing becomes harder.

Conveyancing Services and Their Quality

In the UK, as conveyancing is a mandatory process that needed to be done when buying or selling a property, there are lots of companies and agents who offer conveyancing at attractive prices compared to their services.

The first thing that you need to be aware of when picking a conveyancing solicitor to do your work is to see how much experienced they are and how their past record is. Many conveyancing solicitors are out there who do residential conveyancing regularly but do not have substantial experience in commercial conveyancing. On the other hand, some conveyancing solicitor firms only offer one type of service and not all.

The second thing is that big firms who mostly do commercial conveyancing have high rates. This is because the solicitors who do the work here are professional lawyers. They have not only become licensed conveyancing solicitors but have professional experience and expertise that normal licensed conveyancers lack.

The third thing is to be cautious of what your estate agent advices you. Generally, there are solicitors who have some form of partnership with certain estate agents upon whose referral, the estate agents get a commission if the customer goes to that solicitor that the estate agent advised. Moreover, it is also important to understand and build a good understanding with your estate agent because that might help you come to a better bargain price.


Most professional solicitors charge a fee of upwards of 2000 pounds or more, with some conveyancing solicitor fees rising to more than five or six thousand! To be more economical it is best to check the services and if they are available online. Conveyancing solicitors today provide all of their services online and keep you updated from time to time.

To pick the best conveyancing solicitor or conveyancer online, you need to research and check their background information. This is because credible and good solicitors will offer both their service online and also in person while some good conveyancers offer it online and over phone only. In the UK, acquiring a property in Essex, Cheltenham, Manchester, Liverpool has never been easier thanks to Nigel Broadhead Mynard Solicitors who provide their services and offer to their customers on a case by case basis. Whichever property it is, they like an experienced firm will help you and keep your cool intact.

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