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Surveying a property – the guide before conveyancing

A new property – especially a new home is an important and a significant investment of your finances that before committing to, needs a proper analysis and check. How does one do that? Check the home that they plan to buy? They need to research and carry out a survey. This is similar but not limited to typical surveys that you know already. This survey is an essential duty that you must commit yourself to before shortlisting or picking out the ideal home that you want to buy.

Also, this survey is also significantly important before you decide to go to a conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor to handle your papers. It is worth mentioning that conveyancing takes time and surveying a property helps you be aware if the property’s documents are all perfect alright or not. This is because if they are not then the conveyancing will take more time and so it will be more time consuming and may hamper your chances of acquiring the house at all. Thus, before you go to a conveyancing solicitor in the UK – carry out the survey

Reasons to why you need to survey

The new home that you are planning to buy will obviously have its own lawn or open area at the front side and the back side of the house. Therefore, it is best to know the boundary of your would-be property. Many houses have their own boundary line with their own fence. If your property does not have a fence yet then you need to know the boundary line and then you can put up a fence.

On the other hand, the boundary is also important because the property that you are planning to buy maybe located just beside another property or an alley or a road. The boundary line may be such that there might not be any space left between your property and the next. In short, the boundary line may overlap on another property so it is important to do a survey before you start doing a conveyancing for your property.

Moreover, surveying is important going to a conveyancing solicitor because if you are buying an existing property then it might need repairs. Your real estate agent will sell you the property, he or she will act as the broker for your property but he will not be there covering the repair costs. You will have to do that for yourself. Surveying helps to know what you are actually paying for. If the cost of the house comes with all repairs too or is the repairs have to be done separately. Conveyancing solicitors help you get your property transferred to your name but surveying before conveyancing helps you cover all the necessary costs that might come up after you buy the property.

Surveying a property by a surveyor is important because they certify that your soon to be property has all the utility that is necessary and there need not be any complication after you buy the property. Also, the classification of what type of area your property is in can also be found by surveying. Similar to conveyancing for a property by yourself like DIY conveyancing, you can do a surveying on your own too but it is very hectic and takes up a lot of time. Therefore, just like getting the conveyancing done by the help of a conveyancer who knows what conveyancing is, you can get the surveying of a property done by a surveyor.

Types of surveying

Similar to conveyancing, surveying also has a minimum cost. The most basic form of surveying is getting a conditioning report for a property. It gives very brief information about the necessary repairs and needs of a property and like that. It costs between two hundred to three hundred pounds. Slightly higher in cost is the report survey of a property. It costs between three hundred to four hundred pounds and has more detailed report than the previous survey. A total survey known as the building survey is the priciest and costs at nearly one thousand pounds which includes each and every detail about the property that you are planning to buy.

Surveying for a property, thus, is something that you should never forgo before planning to buy a property. Surveying will help you get the conveyancing done for your property a bit easier and quicker and after the conveyancing is done then you can rest with ease with your property. There are numerous properties available in the UK and before planning your dream house, surveying should be done before conveyancing.

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