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Conveyancing Process Of Initial Stage For Selling Properties In The UK

Conveyancing is the necessary required process to buy and sell properties. In the UK, conveyancing is mandatory and must be done to purchase, lease any type of property. Starting from residential properties to commercial properties to leasehold properties, conveyancing must be done. The cost of conveyancing differs from one type of property to the other. In fact, as it is a legal process it is quite complex and before selling off your property you must know it in details. This is because to sell the property smoothly, the process must be done correctly and within due time.

Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing the initial stage and the legal aspects of the conveyancing process for selling a property.

At the start

Just as the process of conveyancing for buying a property, this stage for selling a property is same too. When you have decided to sell off the property by meeting your estate agent, you select the conveyancer. The question is how do you select the conveyancer. A good conveyancer will give you proper details and help you understand all the limitations and problems that may arise in the process. Moreover, your estate agent can suggest a conveyancing solicitor of his own. Generally, it is not right to follow your estate agent’s advice as he is giving suggestion because he will get commission from the solicitor if you take that solicitor’s services.

Thus, first thing you need to do is go and search for a proper conveyancing solicitor. As there are lots of solicitors who do conveyancing for selling properties in the UK, the best conveyancing solicitors are those who will give you complete support and answer all types of your question at all times.

Starting the process

Moving on, after you have selected a conveyancing solicitor, you will receive a document. This document is the confirmation that you and the solicitor are on terms to do business for selling the property. the process that your conveyancer will conduct with you on your behalf. As soon as signing the letter is finished, you are now an official client of the solicitor and they will start working.

Usually, initial cost will be charged by your solicitor to check, survey and do other necessary process of the property.

Then, your solicitor will acquire necessary title deeds from your lender. Also, there are two documents that your solicitor will need. These are the property information form and the fixture, fittings and contents form. These two forms are important because they must be filled with the necessary details and given to the solicitor of the person or persons who is buying your property. These forms are usually provided by your solicitor.

It is worthy to mention to your estate agent which solicitor’s service you are taking, so that they can send a memorandum of sale to the interested parties selling the properties. These information is necessary send to the solicitor of buying party. Also, the solicitor of the other party will always work in the best interest of their client, therefore, your solicitor will try to make sure that you give details accordingly and that the process is done quickly and correctly.

This was only the basic processes discussed and can be followed when choosing a conveyancer to sell properties in the UK. The next article will focus on the legal and other aspects of selling properties in the UK. Conveyancing is a process that requires time and patience and utmost dedication from each involved parties. Therefore, your job is to provide necessary information and ask necessary questions to your solicitor before going ahead with the deal. For best property conveyancing, it is best to go to an experienced solicitor like Nigel Broadhead Mynard Conveyancing Solicitors who do property conveyancing in and around the UK.

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