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Local Authority Search in Conveyancing

Conveyancing is a mandatory process. It is a legal process that must be followed in the UK when buying and selling properties. There are many residential and commercial areas throughout UK where prices of properties differ over a wide range. Properties bought in UK can be bought at as less as 30,000 pounds to as high as more than 10 million pounds. Cheap conveyancing is the option to consider if you are planning to buy a property whose price is not much. Whereas, for properties that have a very high price it is best to buy your property through a conveyancing solicitor who will handle all the legal hassles more competently. There are many conveyancing solicitors found locally and regionally that conveyance for properties. Before selecting a property, it is important to do some authority search on it and we will be discussing that in this article.

Local Authority Search – what is it?

Local authority search, like conveyancing is available in the UK and should be followed. It refers to the provision of specific information about a specific property and the area it is in for the buyers and sellers. This information is collected for by conveyancing solicitors and, thus, it can be said that this is part of the whole conveyancing process in the UK. If you are planning to buy a property, then your conveyancing lawyer submit this on your behalf. Moreover, when you are buying the property on mortgage then it is a must that you do if it falls under your mortgage lender’s requirement.

The local authority search is done at the Local Authority office rather than the physical land where the property is located. Before you start for a local authority search, there are a few questions that might pop in your head. Like, what will the local authority search tell you? What will be its costing or how much will it cost? And the most important question: will it be worth it?

The search is usually done to check information records about the property and so the local authority is involved. The name of the search is therefore Local Authority Search. The search is usually done by your conveyancing solicitor and it is to be submitted when he or she receives the sale contract of the property from the other party’s conveyancing solicitor. It is very important to remember that the search cannot be submitted before the contract is received as it is in your best interests. Why and what is the reason? The reason is that your conveyancing solicitor needs to see the title deeds and the property’s boundaries and understand the details and check if there are any complications before submitting this report.

The information from a local search:

The information that you will obtain from the local search includes if the road and footpath around the property are publicly maintained or not. If the council who are in charge of the area where the property is located have placed any type of road schemes that might directly or indirectly affect the area. They are also those who take planning decisions for the local development. Therefore, the local search will give you that information too. Also, if there are any contaminated lands present around the property area will pop up in the information. Also, information regarding tree preservation order can also be found regarding it.

The most important thing about this search is that it contains the list of all the standard enquiries. Thus, if you need to know anything specific then you will need to ask your conveyancing solicitor to make enquiries. Usually the local authority search cost is added in the conveyancing fee of the solicitor. The fee differs from solicitor to solicitor and might have a range from two hundred to more than three hundred pounds. Also, it might be a fixed fee or a varied fee depending on the solicitor from which you take the service. The best conveyancing solicitors will take away this headache from you and do it on your behalf diligently. Therefore, it is best to take steps and go to a solicitor who will provide real information that is precise and will keep you in clarity. For property conveyancing in the UK, it is best to check out Nigel Broadhead Mynard Conveyancing Solicitors for best conveyancing solutions including local property search.

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