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Conveyancing Across the UK and Beyond

For most homeowners; buying, selling and moving is complicated enough without the legal aspect of the transaction. As a result, many people have a number of misconceptions about the procedure. One of the biggest mistakes occur when people presume that the conveyancing laws are similar everywhere. As this article explains, this could not be further from the truth. This is because conveyancing in two different places is not the same.

Firstly, conveyancing depends on the rules of the area you are living in and/or the area you are planning on moving to. The rules are set by local authority and all property owners and conveyancers must adhere to those rules. For example, the laws on conveyancing differ in Bristol when compared to London. Conveyancing in Cardiff will similarly follow a slightly different process. While the standard conveyancing procedure remains the same, the property law in various states or cities will differ. These aspects will be explained by your conveyancer. For example, if your transaction requires conveyancing in Liverpool, hire a conveyancer from that city itself. He or she will explain all the searches the city requires as well as all the documentation you will need to submit. If you are switching cities, such as moving home from Glasgow to Brighton, things will be a little more complex. You will have to be aware of the laws in both places and sometimes they might contradict each other. If you are moving from a different country then things will be much tougher. This happens if you want to move from California to someplace in the UK. There are a number of conveyancing firms that specialise in international conveyancing and can handle such cases with expertise. It is important to choose and contact a suitable conveyancer for such cases as they take some time to complete and so must start as soon as possible.

Another thing to bear in mind is the differing costs of conveyancing. Different cities or regions have different costs of living which means the fees will not be the same for two places. Conveyancing in Liverpool will cost around 1500 pounds but this doesn’t mean it will cost the same in Cheshire. The search fees and other costs will be higher or lower depending on the city, economy and other factors. International property law is rather tricky as it also depends on the exchange rate along with other issues. Mortgage laws are also different in various countries and even states. This can happen if you are moving home from the states back to Cambridge. A conveyancing firm will help plan and arrange the tax issues and land registry procedures when you are buying a house overseas.

Other factors to take into account are the property values in various places. A home in Cardiff will not cost the same as a similar house in Essex. Property values can depreciate over time and this must also be considered. A good conveyancer will explain all these factors carefully before helping you come to final decision. Based on your decision, they will move forward with the transaction.

In short, conveyancing can and will differ from place to place. Whether you are getting your conveyancing done in Liverpool, London or Cardiff, it is important to get to know the local laws and rules and act accordingly. Other things to bear are the costs of that particular state or region, which will set the fees charged by the specific conveyancing firm. Whether you are conveyancing within the UK or want to cross borders into international borders, it is important to understand the rules beforehand as it will save you a great deal of trouble later on. Most solicitors are UK based and are always ready to answer your queries, whether you need a quote, some reassurance or quality advice.

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