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Change Solicitor during Conveyancing – How it can impact conveyancing

Conveyancing can be very stressful sometimes, especially when things are not going as you expected. However, things can go even worse if you are not satisfied with the solicitor. There can be even more worries if the law firm is getting closed or the firm is opting to stay out of the conveyancing process. A change solicitor during conveyancing sounds disastrous, but it is not impossible. All of the conditions are possible. However, it should not be the first option to go for. It is always better to come to some terms with the law firm and try to sort things out. The change of solicitor should only be last resort if there is no way out.

Change Solicitor during conveyancing – Reasons and Process

A person is stressed while dealing with the solicitors failures or inabilities to complete the conveyancing process. However, the most important aspect to consider is that you and your previous solicitor should respect the contract. So, the amount of job done by the solicitor so far should be paid. This can become stressful as well. Unless the buyer releases the amount to the lawyer, the documents regarding the conveyancing may not be eligible for transfer to the new solicitor. This can kill your time.

Sometimes, there are clauses like No Completion No Fee, if the solicitor willingly left the partnership, then you should not pay a dime. However, in the case of dissatisfaction, then you need to pay for the work done. Sometimes, the purchase amount deposit is with the original solicitor’s bank, and that should be transferred to the new solicitor once the mutual concerns clear up. However, in case the mortgage advance is sent to the solicitor, the advance has to be reverted to the lender. The new solicitor has to raise the request for the same with the lender.

Benefits and Disadvantages

You can change solicitor during conveyancing even though it may sound very stressful, but it is not always the case. There are times when you have no other option because your current solicitor isn’t helping complete the conveyancing process. In such cases, the conveyancing becomes easy and smooth with the new solicitor. However, the best time to change the solicitor is before the contracts exchange occurs. The complexities may just increase if you change the solicitor after that.

The prime reason is that you get a completion date after an exchange of contracts. However, the change solicitor during conveyancing process and things associated with it take some time, and you can very well miss the target date. In such cases, you have to bear financial penalties. It is true that the solicitor change come with both advantages and disadvantages thus it is always better to go for reputed, established and experienced solicitors at the beginning to avoid such problems.

Everyone wants to have smooth and hassle free conveyancing, and a good solicitor ensures the same. However, in the case of any inevitable situation, it is better to talk with the previous and new solicitor, so that things become reasonable and easy for the conveyancing process.

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