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Online case trackers

Why would I use online conveyancing tracker?

A large number of a conveyancing firm offer an online quote system, which allows you to get a rough, sometimes fixed idea about how much the conveyancing costs and the fees you have to pay. On such vast markets as London, the competition for customers is fierce and the solicitors must find new ways to attract new clients. From high street offices to online conveyancing networks, the main product should be a quick, professional and outstanding service.

Are there any benefits to online conveyancing?

How can solicitors provide the best service when it comes to online conveyancing and what are the advantages? From the number of conveyancing firms offering an online quote system, a substantial percentage deliver an online tracking system, which allows you to be up-to-date with the progress of your conveyancing 24/7.

With online conveyancing, documents are requested, validated and processed through internet medium. There are minimal traditional documents required, and communication is as easy as a phone call or an email. This saves time and money for busy people who are either abroad or cannot be present during the conveyancing process. While it may sound far-fetched to think something so traditional can be replaced by the internet, it is a reality that many benefit.

How does online tracking work?

This is a free service, provided by conveyancing firms, that facilitates you full access to your conveyancing system, without meetings face to face, emails or phone calls.

Why would I use online conveyancing tracker?

The benefits of using the online tracker are more than you would think:

What if I choose an online conveyancing firm, and I never meet my solicitor? How can I be sure that everything goes smoothly, and someone looks after my case?
The online system tracker enables you to have all the contact details about your case handler. It is like having a personal solicitor, available at any moment.

In a digital era, saving time and money when it comes to conveyancing is easier than it seems.

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