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Conveyancing fees calculator and comparison

Researching for the right solicitor takes time, even if it is an online solicitor firm or one with local offices. Every conveyancing is different. Therefore the fees and the process are distinctive. If you are selling/purchasing a new house or remortgaging, conveyancing advice is a milestone in the transaction: find the right one for you, with a cheap rate, no hidden fees and a professional solicitor with proven record of fair dealing and positive outcomes.

Conveyancing comparison sites

If you need advice on conveyancing, the best place to start from is an online conveyancing fees calculator. You can do this either on a particular firm’s website or on a conveyancing comparison website, which will compare various solicitors’ fees, based on the details you provide.

Be sure to provide information as accurate as possible

The charges will be calculated according to the information you give. If you miss any details or supply inexact ones, the initial cost will not be the same as the one you will pay in the end

  • On some websites, all the data you need to input is the address and the house price; if you have a mortgage, the given fee will not be the final one; there are extra costs for dealing with a mortgage
  • The Stamp Duty can be left outside when you calculate the conveyancing fee
  • If your real estate agent recommends the solicitor, ask if he gets a commission out of the recommendation; if so, your final fee will most likely include the amount, without being on the bill per se but by enlarging the cost for other items

The cheapest doesn’t always mean the best: It is tempting to go with the most reasonable fee, ask for an itemised bill before you proceed to conveyancing with a certain solicitor, so you know exactly what are you paying for.


Some website will compare solicitors’ fees for you, giving you a couple of recommendations, following their rating and rates. For peace of mind, check every solicitor on their official websites, to find out as much information as possible about the company’s policy, if they have insurance or a “no move, no fee” scheme. Analyse the quotes and choose the one to suit your budget.

Hidden fees

Online or at a local office, ask for a detailed explanation about what the “fixed fee” includes and the possible cost that might arise during the conveyancing. Not every charge is predictable, but it helps to have a general idea about the conveyancing works, how much you pay for the solicitor’s time and how much for the survey, valuation or stamp duty. The only way to avoid traps is to ask for all the information that can be provided before conveyancing and feel comfortable with calling/email/visiting whenever something is unclear

Some of the most popular conveyancing comparison sites are RightMove, CompareAndConvey, Reallymoving or Theconveyancingnetwork. They will use the information provided to look for the cheapest and compatible solicitor and display data about them, regarding their CLC or The Law Society accreditation.

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