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Why Shared Ownership in Hampshire should be chosen

Hampshire is one of the most important areas in the United Kingdom. The huge demand for the properties in this area often attracts the buyers to have a dream home here. However, the budget and the purchase amount often deny them the same. Shared Ownership in Hampshire are something that people look to owning a future home if they are illegible. A person starts to own part of a home with some percent of shares and can eventually buy the remaining percent of the property later. This is mostly done with the housing associations. The conveyancing process of the shared ownership remains the same, and the solicitors play a vital role in Hampshire.

Shared Ownership in Hampshire

The Housing Associations offer the partial or shared ownership to the people in Hampshire. With this scheme, a person can buy a portion of the house and the remaining portion remains with the Housing Association. The buyer has to pay the rent for the remaining amount to the association. However, the buyer can buy the remaining amount anytime he or she wants.

The process of conveyancing and financing is same for shared ownership. The person needs to pay the deposit and can get the mortgage for the remaining amount. The purchase price is obviously less for the shared ownership thus it becomes easy for the buyers to own the property. The buyer can own 100% ownership of the property as well. The solicitors in Hampshire ensure that the buyer gets the property registered at the Land Registry and complete all the conveyancing formalities. Many solicitors in Hampshire are experienced and knowledgeable for the shared ownership in Hampshire. One can just carry out research for the same.

Shared Ownership Solicitors in Hampshire

Here are some of the solicitors who provide the conveyancing for shared ownership in Hampshire. However, one must search for the solicitors online as well and compare the price before making a final call.

Brooks Partners

Brooks Partners is a Law Firm that extensively provides the services for the shared ownership conveyancing. The dedicated solicitors ensure that the buyers make the most of it. The affordable rates further make it one of the most popular.

Philips Solicitors

Philips Solicitors is also a Law Firm and has comprehensive services for the conveyancing in Hampshire including the shared ownership. The reasonable solicitor fees make it very popular among people.


Glanvilles is also a reputed law firm and is known for the shared ownership conveyancing facilities for affordable counsel fees.

David Ebert and Co

David Ebert and Co has great completion rate for shared ownership conveyancing process and is known for the reasonable attorney fees.

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