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Offering Conveyancing Legal Aid in the UK

Legal aid can encompass conveyancing services. Conveyancing legal aids are specially handled by solicitors who have indepth knowledge of the property law in the UK. The importance of conveyancing in a real estate transaction cannot be over emphasised. It is only through conveyancing that one can legally own or sell the property. However, not all conveyancing cases go straight forward or smooth. The costs and risks can be very high depending on the value of the property in question.

These complexities in conveyancing cannot be handled by conveyancers as they cannot offer legal advice. Surely in a nation that seeks equality for all, such a thing as the cost cannot be used to deny any person their rights. The UK government like most governments around the world does provide legal aid. Unfortunately, however, conveyancing is rarely a priority when determining the legal aid to be offered. It is important to note that legal aid does not exactly have unlimited resources. There are a few lawyers who provide legal aid to the government and even by themselves.

In property law the situation is worse, many of the attorneys and stakeholders involved in property law are not exactly keen to offer legal aid. Remember that real estate is one of the most lucrative industries in the world, and many people do not want to pass up the opportunity to make money out of a deal.

Solicitors and conveyancers can and do sometimes step up into this space to offer the much needed legal aid. For people and families who want to acquire a home and cannot afford the services of a conveyancer, legal aid is necessary to enable them to achieve their dreams.

So how exactly can it be done? As pointed out earlier the government and a few other solicitor offer legal aid but there are conditions one has to meet to be legible for legal aid. The conditions depend on the type of case and the person’s financial circumstances. It is important to note that legal aid usually does not cover the whole cost. One needs to pay some of it upfront, and if the person came by some money through the case, then they will have to pay back the aid.

For firms that offer legal aid, the type of case will determine if one will qualify for legal aid. Many people who require legal aid more often than not fail to meet this conditions. There are therefore a significant number of individuals who are left out.

Other solicitors and conveyancers all over the UK can step into this space to offer the much needed legal aid. Legal aid can be in the form of actual conveyance services that are offered at a subsidised cost. This can help many people who may not be able to afford the total fees. Conveyancers can also provide crucial legal advice at a subsidised cost or even completely free.

Despite the services rendered or even the amount of money that is subsidised the problem usually lies in the conditions, one has to meet to qualify for legal aid. Solicitors and conveyancers can simplify the process by easing the conditions. This will allow more people to access the services.

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