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How Solicitors can help in Commercial Litigation

Commercial Conveyancing is very common in different parts of the UK. It is the process of transferring one commercial property to another. However, the process looks very simple, but, it is not always joyridden for the buyer, seller or the conveyancing solicitors. Even after the conveyancing is completed dispute may surface. Sometimes, the commercial litigation is not related to the conveyancing as well. It is, therefore, best practice to hire a solicitor who is legally and professionally capable of handling both commercial conveyancing and commercial litigation.

What is Commercial Litigation?

First, it is vital to understand what commercial litigation is. It is very obvious to comprehend that it is the legal dispute process. The legal dispute over any commercial property and related aspects are called the commercial litigation. The tenant, rent, construction, labour, fees are some of the very common reasons for the commercial litigation. The commercial litigation can be between two distinct companies or organisations and can be between an individual and a company. The course of the commercial dispute should be handled very carefully as the conflict may take time to resolve and can attract a high cost.

How Solicitors can help

The job of the solicitor is very simple for the commercial litigation. An attorney must ensure that the litigation filed is valid or not for the client. The significance of the litigation and the optimum solution to it are the two major responsibilities that the solicitors need to follow. The solicitor must investigate and understand the entire situation and problems and come up with the solution. There are two distinct solutions for the solicitor and here is how they approach for the dispute.


The first thing is most commonly called as Arbitration or the mutual agreement. Any litigation and dispute is the result of a violation of the agreement. To avoid the court and time-consuming legal process, the solicitors, sit together with both the parties and try to find out a common solution. If the litigation can be mutually solved and agreed upon then, the arbitration process is followed, and out of court settlement is provided. The solicitor explains the benefits, drawbacks, and the process to be followed to both the parties. Typically, solicitors from both the parties come together, and a new agreement is prepared as part of the arbitration process.

Court Settlement

However, if the process is not solved with the mutual consent, then the final resolution is to take the commercial litigation to court. The legal proceedings take place on the litigation, and the solicitors present the respective cases. However, whether the process of conveyancing or building is pending for the commercial property, the work cannot be resumed until the dispute is settled in the court.

Commercial litigation is one of the most common disputes filed in the UK, and the capable solicitors can take care of the process with utmost efficiency and professionalism.

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