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Here’s your Address change Checklist for Moving

If you are buying or selling a home, you will have to move from your current location to a new one. Moving from one home to a new one is one of the most important decisions, and it affects many aspect of your life. It is important that you notify people and relevant parties that you have moved. Remember that many of the services that you receive to make your life comfortable have to know you address so as to deliver the relevant service. Delivery services, for instance, rely on your address to deliver.


This includes parties that include your employer, national insurance, Inland Revenue and your professional organisation and so on. These are indeed very important parties in your career. It will also be of great help to your solicitor to ensure that you inform these parties of their move. If especially you are seeking a mortgage then the lender’s solicitor will have to track them down to confirm the state of your finances. An early notification about your move with these parties will thus go a long way in helping ease your move.

Local Authorities

Many might assume that the government knows when you move. Though you may have submitted your details when buying your next house, it is always important to ensure that all the parties especially the local authorities are aware of your move. These include the electoral toll, council tax and Department of Work and Pensions. More importantly, your conveyancer will also have less of a headache getting information from these parties next time you want to move.


One might think that people like your gym instructor or your club members need not necessarily know that you have moved. Indeed you can always get new people where you are going. It is however still important for you to notify them that you have moved. Not only is it respectful but some may have financial concerns when you move. For some people your realtor ad your solicitor may fall in this group after completing a deal, you might want to ensure that you also inform them of your move.

Money and Insurance

It is obvious that you will have to notify your bank, your various insurance providers, your stock broker and any other person that handles your money off your move. Remember that your correct address for various form and documents. Informing them of your move will be a significant step in ensuring that you maintain a good relationship with these parties. Your solicitor will also be less of a headache organising financing for your next move.

Social, Educational and Healthcare

Your education circles, healthcare providers, and your social circle are certainly people that you should not forget. If you are a student or have someone attending an institution, then you will have to inform them of your move as it may also mean changing schools. Your healthcare providers similarly. This will also go a long way in ensuring that your solicitor does not get a hard time tracking these parties down when he will need information from them.

Ensuring that all the relevant parties are informed of your move to a new house will go a long way in easing the conveyancing process.

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