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What to ask when buying a house

Buying that pair of shoes you fell in love with before trying them on usually leads to pain and disappointment. Buying a house is definitely a major investment, something you may only be able to do once in your life. However, for first-time buyers, the excitement might cloud your judgement and stop you from realising the significant aspects of purchasing a new property, especially when it comes to a house, your future home.


No one wants a flat with a view to a construction company or any unpleasantries. Talk with the might be neighbours and do a little research on your own. Property in a low crime-rate is a bit more expensive, but worth it when you do not have to wear three different white weapons just to make it home from work
Consider noise you might experience daily in the surrounding. The sound from vehicles, railways, and entertainments venues near the location can turn living into a nightmare. Is there an “open until late” pub or restaurant around you? That usually means late nights on weekends, with music and people auditioning for “The Voice” in front of your door; a railway near your house is a nuisance you have to consider.


What’s the price range around the neighbourhood you are interested in buying? Your house value will be affected by the price range in the are: if it is an industrial area you can expect an affordable house. Residential, quiet area means expensive homes.

What about the education if you decide to settle in and have a family? You just got married, but in time, living near a school will improve your kid’s life and yours, by leaving out the commute

Condition of the house

Turn on the tap, check the water pressure, take a close look to the bricks, go in the garden and see if there is any sign of the Japanese Knotweed.

Roof, foundation, insulation and appliances:

Offering price

Be sure you know what are you paying for and don’t let the sellers or the real estate agent be general about what you are asking. You need straight, detailed answers in order to find the best home for you.

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