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How solicitors in Cannock help in conveyancing

Selling and buying properties in Cannock is a long process that is riddled with many laws and regulations. Most buyers and sellers do not know every law and regulations that govern the purchase of properties. It is important for them to hire solicitors in Cannock to help them navigate the legal nuisances of property sale. Solicitors know the nitty-gritty of property sale. They can finish a deal in a way that leaves no conflict between the buyer and seller.

Solicitors will help the buyer draw sales drafts. Each buyer has his own expectations. They have their own view of what the price of the property should be, and their own notion of how long it should take for the property to be sold. They may want to occupy the property as tenants after the sale. They could even request the buyer to retain the general architecture of the property if they think that it is of sentimental value to them. All buyer’s demands and requests are expressed in the initial draft. The solicitor then takes custody of the draft until a buyer expresses interest in the property.

Buyers seldom communicate directly with sellers. Solicitors help buyers and sellers communicate. A lot of communications take place during the sale of property. The seller’s solicitor first sends the initial draft to the buyer’s solicitor. The buyer’s solicitor will then give his client the draft and have him go through it. The buyer will identify terms of sale stipulated by the seller and agree or disagree with them. He will then draw his own draft containing items of the draft that he agrees with, and those that he wants to be adjusted. His solicitor will send the draft to the buyer’s solicitors. The buyer and seller then draw a final draft whose items they both agree to.

A buyer must know the condition of the property before buying it. The nature of the property is usually included in the draft. However, the buyer may overstate a given characteristic of the property of even give false information. It is important for a buyer to find out by himself the architecture and condition of the property. He will do this by colluding with his solicitor. The seller must give the buyer a permission to inspect the property. The buyer can then inspect the property without getting into conflict with the seller.

The buyer will need an architectural drawing of the property during the inspection. His solicitor will request the drawing from the seller. The buyer and his solicitor may bring along an architect or a civil engineer to help them understand the technical details of the property. It is the solicitor’s job to find the professionals.

It is easy for conmen to pose as property owners. A buyer must verify the seller as the owner of the property. Buying a property without determining its ownership can cost the buyer massive financial losses. It is the solicitor’s job to research property ownership on behalf of his client. The solicitor does this by requesting for title deeds from the seller’s solicitor. The buyer’s solicitor must countercheck the title deed with the Land Registry.

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