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How Sra intervention works in conveyancing

SRA is a Solicitor Regulatory Authority based in Birmingham. One of its functions is the intervention of solicitors. The sra intervention refers to the process of stopping solicitors from offering their professional services. SRA intervention is taken out to solicitors who break the law in their line of duty. Solicitors can break the law by lying to their clients, charging excessive fees, or withholding vital information. Solicitors are expected to work to the advantage of their clients. If a client is not satisfied, then soliciting job fails to achieve its purpose.

Soliciting is governed by a set of rules and regulations. Some of these regulations are spelt out in the Solicitors Handbook. Solicitor Handbook contains ten principles that guide soliciting. The Code of Conduct is another guideline that solicitors should use in dealing with their clients. Breach of the principles in the Solicitors Handbook and the guidelines on the Code of Conduct can result in intervention.

The solicitor’s license of operation is taken away upon intervention. SRA also takes clients’ documents and keeps them in their offices. SRA repossesses the clients’ money held by the solicitor. These funds could be payments for a property or settlement of damages. Fees paid to solicitors can be recovered if the solicitor has not done the work he was paid to do. A client cannot be refunded fees for work that is already done. If then solicitor did some work but was not paid, the client will have to pay the solicitor even upon intervention.

A client whose solicitor has been intervened can get another solicitor to help complete conveyance. The new solicitor may not have to work directly with the intervened solicitor but will need documents filed by the previous solicitor. The new solicitor will have to instruct his client to apply for document retrieval. The client can apply directly to the SRA or apply through other specialised solicitors.

It is important for a buyer or a seller to find out if a solicitor is intervened before hiring him. The buyer can contact Solicitor Regulation Authority for information on intervened solicitors. He can also visit SRA website for the same information. The buyer must have the solicitor’s name or his SRA ID number to check if he is intervened. SRA will also give the buyer or seller reasons why that particular solicitor or firm of solicitors was intervened. If you do not know the name or ID of the solicitor, then you can contact the SRA for general advice about intervened solicitors.

Solicitor intervention is covered in Schedule 1 of the Solicitor’s Act of 1974. SRA, therefore, has legal authority to intervene solicitors. The intervention is a process that takes time. Many investigations are carried out before the solicitor is finally intervened. SRA keeps investigations for possible intervention very private. The solicitor never knows when the investigation is conducted, at least not at the early stages of investigations. As such, many solicitors find themselves intervened without knowing when the idea to intervene was conceived. Of course, the SRA gives reasons for intervention, but only after all investigations are carried out, and the solicitor is intervened.

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