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Estimating how long will it take to get home in Kent

It is important for property owners and other real estate stakeholders to know how long it will take to get home in Kent. The duration of conveyance in Kent is dependent on several factors. These are things you need to know before embarking on conveyance. They will affect how long you can wait till you get a home. Remember that most homeowners are in a hurry to get settled in their new homes. Knowing what slows down conveyance might encourage you to take necessary steps to speed up the process. You can speed up conveyance because some of the delays are actually caused by the buyers and sellers themselves.

Finding a conveyancing help

It is possible for an individual to do their conveyancing but many find peace in using professional help. Once you find a house on sale, you need to contact a solicitor. The sooner you find a solicitor, the quicker the conveyance will be. There are many solicitors in Kent. You can look around and find someone who will help you with the conveyance. If you are not sure where to start looking from, you can go to any law office and ask about conveyancing services. However, with the convenience of the internet, you will able to compare solicitors much faster. Solicitors are lawyers and a good number of lawyers double up as conveyancers. The internet is an avenue for looking for conveyancers. It is always important to have a solicitor in mind even before you find a house. Acknowledging this will help you get the conveyancing process going immediately when you find the right house to buy.

Finalizing documents

The time it takes buyers and sellers to come up with a final draft can also affect the length of conveyance. Initial drafts are drawn by sellers. Buyers then approve or request for changes in these drafts. The initial draft is always ready when the house is put up for sale. The problem is having the buyer and seller agree on the terms of sale. A lot of communication occurs before a final draft is agreed upon. Whenever you want to buy a house, try to find a buyer whose terms of sale you can readily approve. The problem with doing this is that the house whose draft is appealing may not be the house that you want. If you carefully analyse the market, you will definitely come across a house you like and whose initial draft you are willing to approve in no time. Conveyancing this property will take shorter.


The length of conveyancing is also dependent on the amount of research required in the status of the property. Research about the property and surrounding is an important part of conveyance. Solicitors are able to find the background of a house or property only by doing thorough investigations. They must find out the real owner of the property, the location of the property, mining activities around the property, as well as water supply and drainage of the property. Information derived from research enables buyers to proceed with the conveyance, or stop the transaction altogether.


If you are getting a mortgage to buy a house or re-mortgaging your house, you will have to get clearance from your lender so that you can pay the seller the agreed amount. This process can take time as Banks and interest rates can be unpredictable. Having a solicitor with connection with the banks helps ease the stress on the buyer and speeds up the process.
Getting to know the real owner of the property is a long and often, tedious process. The solicitor must go to the Land Registry to retrieve title deeds of the property. This will take some time. Considering the above variables, in average it takes around six weeks to twelve weeks for conveyancing to complete in the United Kingdom. Preparing beforehand does save you much time.

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