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What rights do you have as private Tenant rights?

As you settle as a private tenant in the UK, you are likely to be an assured shorthold tenant. As per the type of tenancy and accommodation, you may have a different kind of tenancy. As a tenant, you have to know what kind of tenancy you fall under. This helps you know your private tenant’s rights or any other rights that apply.

Assured Shorthold Tenant

If your private tenancy started after 28th, February 1997, you are automatically an assured shorthold tenant. Tenants before that may have to confirm it with their landlord. As an assured shorthold tenant, the landlord is responsible for the particular type of repairs. This are necessary repairs, and you have a right to claim it. If the landlord tries to evict you instead, it Is known as “retaliatory eviction”, and you can dispute this in a court.

Private Tenancy Deposits

As a tenant, the landlord will ask for a deposit for unwarranted damages you might cause to the property. However, as a private tenant, you are assured to have the deposit returned to you as your tenancy ends. The failure of the owner to inform you of the scheme being used during the tenure and refusal to return the deposit is against your right, and you can dispute the case.

Housing benefits

Housing benefits help tenants with financing difficulties pay their rent. This is a right you have as a private resident, and you need to request approval and check how much you are going to get. This benefit requires eligibility and isn’t equal to the total tenancy cost.

Right to Notice

As a private tenant, you have the right to get prior notices from the landlord for activities that affect your tenancy. In a case the landlord wants to evict you, they have to follow the due legal process to inform you of the cause and other information related to the eviction.

Tenancy documents

As you move into the tenancy legally, you are entitled to the tenancy documents. These include agreements made before the tenancy started, deposit schemes documents and others that relate to your legal agreement with the landlord. You are entitled to this documents within the first month of the tenancy.

Freedom from illegal evictions

As per your private tenancy agreements and laws, if you follow your responsibilities, you are entitled to have a peaceful time with your home without annoyances from the landlord or any other parties. The landlord cannot illegally evict you and cause you a legal burden. Any unhealthy confrontations, threats and forcing illegal evictions from the landlord can be a case to prosecute the owner.

These are some of the primary private tenant’s rights you have to understand as a private tenant or a private landlord. Following a search for a tenancy, you have to verify you have these rights before you sign an agreement. If you are within the boundaries and follow your responsibilities you do not have to fear having illegally evicted, services cut or be harassed by the landlords.

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