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Where to get cheap coastal property in the UK?

Properties around the coast are always believed to be very expensive. A good home offers comfort and relaxation. Properties around the ocean have all the comfort and relation that anyone can ever want. Think of the sandy beaches, the horizon, the tides and the sound of the sea as it tries to find its way into the mainland. These are things that anyone would want. A good evidence is the huge number of people who would make beaches their priority if they had an opportunity to do so. The predilection of tourists to visit the beach has made beachfront properties to be viewed in high regard. However, the UK property market has gone extra lengths to make sure that there is at least one good cheap coastal property for a beach enthusiast. By now, there are many coastal properties that are way more affordable than you can imagine.

The key to getting a cheap seaside house is choosing the right location. One thing that you need to know is that seaside properties have similar benefits despite where they are located. The weather is the same, ambience the same, and if you fear seclusion and want some social interaction, you can just drive for a few miles to a nearby town. There is always an avenue for entertainment around the seaside.


To your surprise, you will realise that some seaside properties are way cheaper than those in air-polluted towns. Take an example of Skegness. Skegness is a seaside town in the seaside of the district of Lincolnshire. This city is one of the biggest tourist attraction sites in England. It has warm weather in almost all seasons. This has been the case since the early 1990s. Skegness has good transport systems such as roads and railways. A town such as this could be expected to have some of the most expensive real estate properties. Surprisingly, the city boasts of some of the cheapest houses in the UK. House by the beach can go for as little as £160,000. This is very cheap considering that most of the outer boroughs of London cost over £250,000. With the sea as an added advantage, Skegness in one of the cities that you definitely should consider buying a property in.


If you thought that Skegness was the best, think again. Swansea has even more. Swansea is the second largest city in the county of Wales. It is also the 25th largest city in the whole of the UK. This just tells you that it is full of modernisation. Strangely, Swansea is a coastal town with one of the lowest house prices. A home in Swansea can be as cheap as £170,000. Considering the rich history of this city, such a price can be regarded as a real bargain price. This is not to mention the geographical as well as climatic beauties of the city. Remember that there is a popular football club that is named after this city.

The examples above are just a small representation of the coastal towns where you can find cheap housing. Solicitors have made these places even more alluring by offering convenient conveyancing fees. You will be missing out a lot if you have not bought a coastal house.

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