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What you need to know before you move flat

Moving into a new flat is one of the biggest steps in a person’s life. This is especially true if you have been living with your parents or roommates most of your life. When you move flat, you finally get to enjoy the freedom you have always wanted. With freedom come responsibilities. Flats do not maintain themselves. They must be carefully tended for by the residents lest they become shoddy. You must also accurately know the rules of tenancy. The second biggest reason, other than rent default, which causes people to lose their tenancy deposits is a breach of tenancy agreement. You must thus know every clause that guides your tenancy.

Plan your finances

People move into new flats when they are confident that they will pay the rents. Financial misfortunes happen to everyone. The last thing you want to do is fail to pay your rent. Rent arrears can taunt you for months or even make you homeless. You have to organise your finances well. Never move into a new flat simply because you have an inkling of how to pay rent for the flat. You must be double sure of your abilities to cater for your new accommodation.

Check the accommodation according to your needs

The idea of moving into a new flat may seem exciting until you realise that the apartment does not match your personal standards. Houses in the UK have different fixtures and fittings. They are also of different sizes. Before moving into a flat, make sure that it has the things that you want. Make sure that it is large enough to accommodate you. Online conveyancing has made the virtual exchange of property ownership very easy. A negligent tenant can forget to inspect a flat with the belief that his solicitor will do all the work. A solicitor can only do so much. The solicitor will not know your heart’s desires especially if you do not express them to him in writing. It is the responsibility of a tenant to ensure that the new flat fits his personal needs.

Inspect the contents

The fact that a flat has everything does not necessarily mean that those things are working. A used flat may have several fittings that are out of order. Flat inspection has to be thorough. Try out windows, taps and switches to make sure that they are working. Never base your judgment on what you see on catalogues. Catalogues may have very attractive features but turn out to be hogwash. You must take an incentive to visit the flat and try everything.

Checkup all terms of Agreement

Besides faulty fittings, the other thing that can make your life miserable is the tenancy agreement. Tenancy agreements cover many items. They are usually drawn by landlords even before a tenant expresses interest in a flat. A careless tenant will take a fleeting glance on the agreement and append his signature. This is the worst mistakes you can ever make. If you sign an agreement and later claim that you did not know its contents, even the court will not listen to you. Make sure that you know all terms of tenancy. You must know who is responsible for repairs, whether you are allowed to have pets, or if you will have to pay your gas and electricity bills.

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