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Becoming a member of the home owners alliance

The Home Owners Alliance (HOA) is an organisation that advises, supports and encourages current and prospective homeowners in the UK. Home owners alliance is a consumer groups. Consumer groups usually help their members solve matters specific to those consumers. A member of this organisation stands a chance of enjoying the benefits of real estate ownership. He is kept up to date on matters related to conveyancing. Membership is open to pre-existing home owners and aspiring home owners. It is not obligatory to join the alliance. Those who want to join must pay a fee. Membership currently costs £45 per year.

Home Owners Alliance membership

Home owners alliance advises its members on matters related to the conveyance. This is usually the job of solicitors. However, the alliance also has a team of highly trained staff that can answer any question related to the conveyance. It has a helpline through which a member may make calls. A member can also send an email or visit one of its offices. The advantage of seeking the advice of the alliance rather than that of solicitors is that you will be forgoing solicitors’ fee. It is a great bargain for homeowners who are conscious of their finances. Members enjoy one free phone call a year. Any other calls that members make are charged at £30 per call. A member can ask a maximum of five questions in a year. Responses to the questions are available within three working days. This is still way better than hiring solicitors down at the high street. Services are available from 10 m to 5 pm Monday to Friday.

HOA and Conveyancing

Home owners alliance also offer conveyancing services. This organisation is connected to a panel of £150 highly qualified solicitor law firms. The solicitors are capable of handling any matter related to the conveyance. Members are given a 10% discount on the solicitor fee.  Members get a discount code when they join. The code is used to access the discounted solicitor fees.

The alliance champions for better deals and policies for homeowners. Traditional solicitors usually stick to their business without really caring whether their clients are fully satisfied with the conveyance. They are professional with no personal relationship with clients. A client who has a problem with the law or policy cannot air out his view. Home owners alliance give home owners an incentive for voicing their concerns. The alliance liaises with the government and other stakeholders in real estate to develop laws and policies that are beneficial to homeowners.

Becoming a HOA member

An existing homeowner or an aspiring one can become a member by simply making a call or sending an email. He does not have to visit the home alliance offices. Membership details including membership number are forwarded to the applicant via email. The email has a link to the organisation’s conveyancing quote comparison tool. A member can find out about the solicitor fees that are charged by the alliance by entering his detail and membership number in the comparison tool.

Membership is automatically renewed after one year. A member must pay another 45 for his membership to be renewed. Those who want to opt out can do so at will. 

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