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What Do You Need to Rent a House?

Renting a house may not come easy when someone has less knowledge about the requirements. You need a list of documents. To most people, compiling these documents and everything else that makes a person considered trustworthy is what is most stressful. Searching for a house or property for rent may not be that much of a hassle as long as you know the specifications of what you want. That is the type and size of the house, the geographical area and, the amount of rent you will be paying. For all those, you can depend on an agent but for the documents you must get involved. So, in actuality, what do you need to rent a house? Check out below:

Proof of Identity

Who are you? Your prospective landlord will need to establish your identity as a requisite of the law. The law requires that only persons with over eighteen years are liable to rent property. Also, what is your immigration status, are you legally entailed to rent. Such are the questions you can expect when seeking to rent a house in the UK. To proof your identity, you will need to provide:

  • A photo ID. This may include a valid driving licence or current passport,
  • An electoral register entry,
  • A UK visa and any other documents permitting you to rent in the UK if coming from abroad, and a
  • Tax, utility bill or any official letter dated within the last three months.

How will you pay the rent?

Your landlord is permitted to know of your capabilities to paying the rent. So they will need tangible evidence. For the employed folks, it is easy. You will be asked to provide a current employment contract, a letter from your current employer confirming your salary amount and job title. Tax return evidence and recent pay slips dated within the last 3-6 months may also be necessary.

Nonetheless, no need to fret if you are a freelancer or self-employed you can also rent. However, you will have to provide much proof that you are earning and can pay your rent. Some landlords will ask you for bank statements of your active account backdating to three years ago. You may also have to give him or her company details, tax returns and any other certificates of earning you may possess.


Now that you have proofed your identity and convinced your landlord that you are capable of paying the rent, some potential estate agents or landlord may require references to confirm all that. Reference may come from sources such as your colleague or friend confirming your character. Alternatively, your employer. Besides that, if your relationship with the previous landlord was smooth you can ask them to be your referee in writing. However if not, copies of your previous timely rent payment can also serve the purpose.

If the proof is insufficient according to your landlord or agent, and they think you are unable to support your rent payment, you can bring in a guarantor to stand in. Nonetheless, the landlord can ask for a significant amount of rent upfront to clear you.

Feel free to contact an expert for more info on what you need to rent a house. 

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