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How to conduct your own free house valuation

Those days are gone when you had to reach out to property agents in the quest to know what a home is worth, or the average price you could sell your house. Nowadays almost everything is online. To understand the value of property all you need to do is simply feel the necessary details on certain websites designed for that. However, you will need to incorporate some wisdom together with these online tools to be able to arrive at a narrower estimate of the property worth. How does that go? Check below detailed points for more insight.

Analyse the price trends of an area

House prices range with geographical location or area. Some places are much expensive than others, and that is because of many factors such as prestige, closeness to certain amenities and so on. What happens is that the Land Registry is entitled to collect data on real house sales officially. They keep detailed records of virtually all residential sold in Wales and England, and that helps to observe trends. You can take a glimpse at check House Price Index. This tool will help you with viewing the prices by region, and country where the property is situated. You can also narrow your search to the property type as well as the date it was available. However sometimes the info can be outdated, and when you may need expert advice.

At Registers of Scotland, you will get to know the average house sales district-wise as well as the sale volumes. Halifax’s housing research is another tool in the list to help you estimate what a property will cost. It features house price index, gives average prices by postal code and provides a regional house price map. This website tends to be much quicker with updates, even faster than the Land Registry.

Check for the prices of homes streetwise

To be clearer, the reliable tools that help in property evaluation get their data from the Land Registry and the Registers of Scotland. These sources are quite reliable. In fact, agents and mortgage lenders also greatly depend on such sources. However, sometimes you need a face to face interaction with an agent or specialist for some details that the online tools do not provide. When using Nethouseprices, you enter a postcode or street. This one helps with information about the properties already sold in the particular street in question. To narrow the search further, you will need to use Zoopla; it gives you the age, style and the map of it.

A detailed estimated price range

Should we say these valuation tools are becoming intelligent with each daybreak? Sure, that comes even without having to mention. Mouseprice.com is a bit smart, but sometimes it can overprice a property, so there is a long way to go. It requires you to key in the postcode and other details such as the number of bedrooms in question.

Online free house valuation tools are a great point to begin your research. However, you may still need to get in touch with an expert to be on the assured side. 

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