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Getting through Residential Property Disputes

Property disputes are one of the most common and frequent problems faced by the property owners in the United Kingdom. A property may experience various residential property disputes for the ranges of subjects. A solicitor has the responsibility to take out the owner from rough waters in such cases. It is, therefore, vital to hire a solicitor with experience and knowledge. A solicitor with knowledge of property law can sort through property disputes during conveyancing easily. Top firms have solicitors who are expert in property law and experienced to work on the residential property disputes.

The litigation expert and the solicitor help the buyer or the seller with various aspects of the residential property disputes. Here are some of the major ones.

Landlord and Tenant Dispute

This is the most common dispute that arises if the property has a tenant. Often the dispute varies from possession recovery, rent and service charges to disrepair claims of the house or the property. Lease extension claims are often witnessed if the property was rented in the lease. However, the most common dispute is Tenancy deposit and tenancy terms between the tenant and the landlord of the property. The solicitor may look to go for an out of the court settlement for the dispute. However, the litigation takes the civil property law course if the parties are not in favour of the mutual agreement.

Neighbourhood Dispute

No one wants a troubled neighbourhood, but everyone is not lucky enough. There can be disputes over the boundary, right to access light, commonplace, walls and others. Even slightest of noise at the property can irk the neighbour, only to go for a dispute.

Construction Disputes

There can be claims against the building and construction as well. The contractors and subcontractors may also face claims. Apart from it, there are chances that your property gets affected by the issues like restrictive covenants, access issues, easement disputes, trespass claims, adverse possession and others.

What Solicitor can do

These are all the problem statements, but not the solution. The solicitor would have to find legal methods to come out of the disputes. The solicitor can go through the agreements and claim papers to understand the status of the disputes. It is possible that the counterparty would receive a court notice from the solicitor on behalf of you. The disputes are non-adherence to each other’s commitment in layman’s terms. However, if there are adequate legal evidence and documentations, then every party is bound to respect the law and agreement. The solicitor must try to resolve the dispute out of the court first and if not then at the court.

The residential property disputes can become a costly affair. The solicitor fees may increase due to legal complexities. However, it is important to get in touch with trustworthy firms for an experienced solicitor to resolve the issue faster and better. 

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