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First Time Buyer Stamp Duty 2021

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Do first time buyers have to pay stamp duty? New rules mean that since August 2017 they probably don’t. But they will still have to complete the form. Read below for more information on Stamp duty rules.

Is there stamp duty for first time buyers?

When buying your first home Stamp Duty Land Tax will be one of the expenses you will need to budget for when paying for your new home. If your property is valued up to £500,000 as a first time buyer you won’t pay stamp duty on the first £300,000. If you are buying as part of a shared ownership scheme then you won’t pay stamp duty on the first £500,000.

How does stamp duty work for first time buyers?

When buying a property valued between £300,000 and £500,000 first time buyers will pay SDLT calculated at 5% on the purchase price exceeding £300,000. This amounts to a reduction of about £5,000 compared to the SDLT paid under the previous scales. To claim relief you will need to complete an SDLT return.

Will first time buyers have to pay stamp duty after March 2021?

When the stamp duty holiday was first announced, first-time buyers and other people who have previously owned a property do not have to pay stamp duty on their main property up to the value of £500,000. This depends on the sale being completed between 8th July 2020 and 31st March 2021. The Stamp Duty holiday has also since been extended.

{"question":"What is the threshold over which First time buyers must pay SDLT (where not using shared ownership scheme)?","answers":["\u00a3500,000","\u00a3300,000","\u00a3150,000"],"correctAnswer":0,"bgColor":"#87bf99"}

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