Additional work

We always try to make our quotations as comprehensive as possible. However, we are sometimes asked to do work which was not envisaged at the time of our quote and which does not form part of a standard transaction. Whenever it becomes apparent to us that this will be the case we will notify you at the earliest possible opportunity. In some cases, these matters will already be covered in your quotation, i.e. in the event that this was discussed and agreed at the time of the quote.

Where these have not already been quoted, if any of the following tasks are required in addition to our basic service we are happy to undertake them for you. We will never undertake extra work without agreeing it with you first. Where charges are not specified please contact our sales department for more information. Below are examples of work which does not form part of our standard quote along with an indicative price for what we would charge:-

  • Company Investigation, if you are buying from a company or transacting as a company £50
  • Any extra searches which might be required Price varies and will be confirmed if any are needed
  • Applying for share certificate in or membership of a Company £50
  • Dealing with unregistered titles £100
  • Dealing with Power of Attorney £75
  • Dealing with a Guarantor to your mortgage £100
  • Liaising with a Solicitor where your mortgagee has separate representation £200
  • Service of second and subsequent notices on Landlord/Management Co. £50
  • Holding Retention monies for a period after completion £75
  • Removing or adding additional land registry restrictions on title £75
  • Banking cheques sent by you £20
  • Contract races (two Buyers competing for same property) £400
  • Applying for second or subsequent Management Information Packs (each) £50
  • Assistance completing SDLT return £50
  • Arranging Indemnity Policies (per policy) £50
  • Drafting a Deed of Covenant £100
  • Drafting a Statutory Declaration £50
  • Dealing with a Licence to Assign £150
  • Drafting a Deed of Trust or Tenants in Common restriction in a Transfer £150
  • Signature of an adult occupier to any consent form required by mortgagee £50
  • Drawing down the Government Help to Buy ISA bonus £50
  • Arranging for you to re-sign documents where signatures do not match £60
  • Second mortgages and other loans £100
  • Identity and source of funds checks against third parties £100
  • Verifying third party funds with your mortgage company £25
  • Dealing with another Solicitor you might appoint on a related transaction £75
  • Electronic bank transfer (only in addition to those quoted, where required) £45
  • Expedition (completion less than ten working days after exchange) £100
  • Dealing with a freehold management company or (if leasehold) a second management company £100

All amounts are exclusive of VAT