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What you need to know about restrictive covenants property agreement

Posted by on 13/04/2017 in First time buyers, Home Ownership

 A restrictive covenants property is a property whose use is limited by a restrictive covenant. A restrictive covenants property agreement is an agreement that is entered into by two property owners one of who agrees to restrict the use of his land for the benefit of other. The covenant usually applies to properties that are […]

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Using pre-action protocol for construction and engineering disputes

Posted by on 12/04/2017 in New build

A pre-action protocol for construction and engineering disputes is a document that outline procedures to be taken in case of differences in building construction and engineering. The procedures facilitate dispute resolution by the parties involved without having to engage the court. The purpose of the protocol is to create an amicable environment for conflict resolution […]

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Difference between common ownership and joint property ownership

Posted by on 11/04/2017 in Shared ownership

There is nothing better than having a little assistance when buying property. Property prices in the UK are very high and are still rising. These properties have become more and more unavailable to new buyers especially those from the low-income category. These prospective buyers have had to put up with tenanted properties or live with […]

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The conveyancing legal aid you need during property transaction

Posted by on 10/04/2017 in DIY Conveyancing, Home Ownership

Conveyance involves a lot of legal issues. Things can get awful if the law is not followed during conveyance. A poorly conducted conveyance may mean that buyers and sellers lose a lot of money on litigation or during the property purchase itself. Solicitors offer conveyancing legal aid to anyone who wants to buy or sell […]

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Important information about the Mortgage deeds

Posted by on 07/04/2017 in Mortgages, Property Investment

Mortgages are loans for buying homes. Like any other loan, a mortgage must be secured against another asset. The asset that is used to secure mortgages can be the property that the mortgage is used to buy. Protection is not arbitrary. There must be documents that show that a mortgage lender and borrower have agreed […]

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Government schemes for first-time home buyers

Owning a home in the Home in the United Kingdom is harder year after year. A buyer will have to save up a huge sum of money to even think about purchasing a home. A recent Halifax study in 2016 shows the average price needed for the first time is £400,000. That is not going […]

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Things to consider for first time buyer mortgage

Posted by on 05/04/2017 in First time buyers, Mortgages

The process of buying your first home is an adventure full of excitement and worries. First time buyers are very perplexed when it comes to the financial process since it requires and substantial investment. As a first time buyer, they have less familiarity with the mortgage process, legal obligation and requirements. This can mislead them […]

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Decisive things to consider when buying a house

People consider buying a home as one of the most important investments of their life. Most people will have a very detailed view of their new home. However, buying a house needs substantial investment and detailed analysis of the house and the buying process. An average person does not buy many houses in their lifetime. […]

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Things to consider when buying a house with a friend

Posted by on 03/04/2017 in Mortgages, Shared ownership

House prices are extreme considering an average person’s income in the United Kingdom. Moreover, most people resort to getting a huge mortgage to pay for their new home. Although this the norm, considering a joint investment with a friend to buy a home can be an alternative to being chased by mortgage arrears. Buying a […]

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Are there any Shared ownership risks

Shared ownership enables low-income earners to get homes at reduces prices. All they have to do is pay between 25% to 75% of the price of the house. The rest of the cost of the house is catered for by a financial institution. The buyer must then pay a rent to the financial institution with which he enters […]

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