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Dos and don’ts of residential conveyancing and moving houses

We all know that residential coveyancing and moving houses can be stressful, so why not save ourselves some energy by keeping in mind the following dos and don’ts- Dos Residential conveyancing Carry out searches against the property:Local authority search: This will reveal if there are any issued notices by the local authority or any approval […]

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Conveyancing made easy

Posted by on 17/01/2015 in Conveyancing process

Conveyancing is the process of transference of title or legal ownership of a property. The process requires extensive paperwork and a minimum time of three months. A contract detailing on the price, boundaries and restrictions of any sort regarding the property must be drawn up by the seller and in turn the buyer will draw […]

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Can I do my own Conveyancing?

Posted by on 12/01/2015 in DIY Conveyancing

There is no legal reason why you shouldn’t do your own Conveyancing. There are only certain parts of a property transaction for which you must use a Solicitor or Licenced Conveyancer, for example the final transfer of the property. All the other parts you can do yourself. DIY Conveyancing may be more suitable for people […]

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Why do I need to hire a conveyancing solicitor?

Posted by on 12/01/2015 in Solicitor or Conveyancer?

There are an increasing number of people trying to do their own conveyancing in recent times. This is due to a rise in self help, do it yourself conveyancing resources. There is nothing stopping anyone from doing their own conveyancing but there are many pitfalls that you should consider. This article will try to set […]

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What is involved with a Remortgage?

Posted by on 12/01/2015 in Mortgages

If you are looking to release equity from your home through a remortgage then your mortgage company will likely insist that you hire a conveyancing solicitor to handle the paperwork. Depending on the size of the loan that you are seeking the mortgage company will require that they have a charge over the property. This […]

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Help! I have never used an online solicitor before!

At NBM solicitors we are frequently told by people that they find the idea of using an online solicitor for their conveyancing quite daunting. Fortunately, we also get told by a lot of our conveyancing customers at the end of their transaction that they were pleased that they decided to go down this route. A […]

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Conveyancing Solicitors

Posted by on 12/01/2015 in Uncategorised

NBM Conveyancing Solicitors offer great prices for legal services on property transactions. With many years of experience dealing with residential conveyancing matters we are certain to have the knowledge to deal with your particular transaction. Where you are getting a mortgage we are listed on all the panels of the major lenders so have no […]

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Buying Property at Auction

Posted by on 12/01/2015 in Buying at auction

Please note we can only act for existing or previous clients when dealing with auction properties At NBM we are happy to assist you with the conveyancing aspects of buying a property at auction, and indeed, many of our clients buy their properties in just this way. However, there are some pitfalls involved with buying […]

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Posted by on 12/01/2015 in Uncategorised

Conveyancy (or Conveyancing) is the legal work done by a Solicitor to allow people to move house. Get advice for Conveyancy from a lawyer at NBM Solicitors today. All too often a simple Conveyancy transaction can become more complicated so for complete peace of mind employ a well known Conveyancy firm to handle your matter. […]

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