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Chancel repair liability is a law that requires some landowners to pay for repairs to their local church.

Policies within house indemnity insurance

Posted by on 22/11/2016 in Chancel repair

The property owner should know about house indemnity insurance coverage for various cryptic risks that may befall his property. Such risks are different from the common ones in that they are not readily apparent. Common risks that people insure against include fire, vandalism or robbery. However, this type of risk relates to the breach of […]

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What is Chancel repairs liability search?

Posted by on 21/10/2016 in Chancel repair

The chancel repair liability search is one of the recommended searches when you buy a new property. What does it mean? Basically, the chancel repair liability gives the parish in the area of your newly bought property the right to charge you, the landowner, for the conservation of the church chancel. As a landowner, you […]

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Conveyancing costs: An overview

Posted by on 26/01/2015 in Chancel repair

Conveyancing is a lengthy process that involves quite a lot of money. If not careful, one can get snookered in the process specially when it comes to solicitor’s fees. Beware of the extra fees that solicitors charge upon their fees. Here is an overview of the costs involved in conveyancing- Solicitor’s fees: You have to […]

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