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Common mistakes to look out for when buying or selling property.

Difference between Joint Tenants and Common Tenants

Posted by on 06/01/2017 in Conveyancing advice

Joint tenancy is a type of property ownership where two or more people own property as one single entity. The owners do not have an individual share in the property. Each one of the joint tenants has an equal say in property management. This type of property ownership tends to be confused with the common […]

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Conveyancing Advice for Consumers

Posted by on 26/08/2016 in Conveyancing advice

Are you trying to buy a new home but have no idea where to start or what to do? Maybe you’re trying to sell off your home but can’t find customers you want to sell it to. Either way, you need the services of a licensed conveyancer- and a lot of good advice. Have no […]

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Can conveyancing forum advice be considered?

Posted by on 22/06/2016 in Conveyancing advice

Conveyancing is the process by which the ownership of a property is transferred from one person to the other. It is a legal process and requires paperwork which can become complicated based on the type of property of which the deal is taking place. Conveyancing is a mandatory process in many countries and especially in […]

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What Conveyancing is all About

Posted by on 06/05/2016 in Conveyancing advice

Conveyancing is a long and complex series of negotiations. It is wise for both parties (the buyer and seller) to engage a conveyancer to navigate this process, as it needs a bit of a legal specialist to understand the jargon. You don’t legally have to hire a conveyance, but knowing the workings of property agreements […]

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Hiring a conveyancer: how to do it

Posted by on 19/04/2016 in Conveyancing advice

Thinking about transferring property? Then you must know the following things. Buying or selling property can be exhilarating but at the same time it can also be very worrying and hectic. Now you must be thinking how you can solve this, then the answer is conveyancer. A conveyancer is that person who is legally authorized […]

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Conveyancing the easy way

Posted by on 07/01/2016 in Conveyancing advice

Transferring the ownership of properties in legal way is known as conveyance. This is a tough job to handle and it takes loads of time and attention which sometimes becomes impossible to give. This is the time when you feel the need of someone who can do all the works on your behalf. The person […]

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Conveyancing Advice

Posted by on 04/12/2015 in Conveyancing advice

Finding a perfect conveyancer is not the easiest task. Most firms will offer second rate services for very high costs. As such, finding a conveyancing solicitor that offers a reliable and personal service at a reasonable cost is quite a challenge when buying or selling a property. A good conveyancer is someone who will speed […]

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Know Your Conveyancer

Posted by on 28/10/2015 in Conveyancing advice

Conveyancing is the legal aspect of your transferring of property or land. Transferring property involves many of the legal issues that puts you in to stress over not knowing the terms and conditions altogether. Conveyance makes it easier for you to get over the stress issue related to the transfer of ownership of property or […]

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Anatomy of Conveyance

Posted by on 16/10/2015 in Conveyancing advice

Conveyance is the legal process of transferring land and property. You buy a land or property with a view to making it your capital asset. You don’t go and buy them every year. Therefore, proper planning and involvement is required before you take a purchasing or selling decision of your desired land or property. Conveyance […]

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The commitments to the customers regarding Conveyancing ventures

Posted by on 08/10/2015 in Conveyancing advice

Conveyancing is a delightful vocation joining the test of helping individuals and rehearsing in the range of property law. Conveyancers can act in connection to all property matters. Conveyancing work is characterized as: lawful work completed regarding any exchange that makes, changes, exchanges or stifles a lawful or evenhanded enthusiasm for any genuine or individual […]

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