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FAQ for anyone interested in pursuring a career in conveyancing.

Answer to the question what does a property conveyancer do

Posted by on 24/02/2017 in Conveyancing careers

A property conveyance is the heart and soul of property transaction. Conveyance is a not a simple process of buying a house and paying for it. There is a lot more involved to validate the transaction legally. Most of the issues involved in conveyance are legal rather than financial. Buyers who get into conveyance usually […]

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Contents of SRA Handbook

The SRA Handbook includes a set of guidelines that solicitors are expected to follow during conveyance. It explains how a solicitor should handle different situations that arise during conveyancing. It also outlines how solicitors are supposed to conduct themselves before the people they will be dealing with during conveyance. The Solicitor Regulatory Authority writes the […]

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Conveyancing as a Career Choice

Posted by on 04/08/2016 in Conveyancing careers

The world of legal professions can be alluring to many. Similarly, business and commerce are fascinating to others. However, for those who enjoy both; conveyancing is the perfect career for them. Conveyancing involves legally transferring the title of a property from one owner to another. Conveyancers are basically property lawyers who deal with the paperwork, […]

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Conveyancing: Riveting Career

Posted by on 06/06/2016 in Conveyancing careers

Choosing professions are not very easy as there are many things that are dependent on this choice. Before you choose your career it is essential to know what you want to do so that you can make hundred percent out of it. While choosing a career you should reflect on the fact that whatever career […]

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Is the licensed conveyancer course worth it?

Posted by on 02/06/2016 in Conveyancing careers

In the UK, conveyancing is a mandatory process that needs to be followed when acquiring a property. in fact, this process is complicated and troublesome in the sense that it requires time and patience and also hard work and dedication. There are a handful of ways by which this can be done, starting from doing […]

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Conveyance : an exciting career or not

Posted by on 02/05/2016 in Conveyancing careers

Are you interested in property law? Do you want to help others out regarding transferring properties? In that case conveyance might be the perfect career for you. This job is full of excitement as it can make you face new challenges daily. Conveyancers are those who advise you on the trading of your property. They […]

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Conveyancing: Impending Career

Posted by on 27/04/2016 in Conveyancing careers

It is very difficult to choose profession to pursue. Before you choose your career it is also very important to know what you want to do so that you can make hundred percent out of it. Before choosing a career you should think upon the fact, whether the career you are choosing is good enough […]

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Conveyancing: trending in job market

Posted by on 07/04/2016 in Conveyancing careers

Achieving the dream life you want is not easy to have. In order to achieve that the first thing we need is to get a job, so that we can ensure a life we want. The main problem is to know what you want to do as choosing a career is a tough job to […]

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Steps to Become a Licensed Conveyancer

Posted by on 17/03/2016 in Conveyancing careers

Conveyancing is an exciting and increasingly popular career prospect for young people everywhere. It is a fascinating area, involving both business and law. A licensed conveyancer is a specialist lawyer qualified in all aspects of property law. They are also commissioners for oaths and increasingly, many also do probate work, which is the process for […]

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You Can Also Be Master in Conveyancing

Posted by on 04/03/2016 in Conveyancing careers

The transfer of ownership is the descriptive term of conveyance. Once you have decided of buying or selling property that is f changing the title of ownership of your property, you are thinking of conveyancing your property. Conveyance calls for steps to be taken to mitigate the legal aspects of moving property to the name […]

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