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Disbursements refer to payments which made or will make by solicitors to third parties on behalf of the client.

Reducing tax through stamp duty mitigation

The term stamp duty mitigation is a tax avoidance scheme that occurs during a property transaction. Buyers are usually expected to pay a tax after they fully purchase a house. This fee is paid for the benefit that the buyer gains upon buying a property. Taxes are payable for property values exceeding a given amount. […]

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Decisive things to consider when buying a house

People consider buying a home as one of the most important investments of their life. Most people will have a very detailed view of their new home. However, buying a house needs substantial investment and detailed analysis of the house and the buying process. An average person does not buy many houses in their lifetime. […]

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Are there any Shared ownership risks

Shared ownership enables low-income earners to get homes at reduces prices. All they have to do is pay between 25% to 75% of the price of the house. The rest of the cost of the house is catered for by a financial institution. The buyer must then pay a rent to the financial institution with which he enters […]

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Examples of hidden cost of buying a house

Buying a house can be very expensive. The most obvious cost of buying a house is the actual price of the property. Most buyers get into conveyance with only this cost in mind. They fail to realize that there is one or more other hidden cost of buying a house. The result is that the […]

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Some of the questions to ask conveyancer

Conveyance is a highly complicated business. It takes the work of a highly trained solicitor to navigate through this business. On the surface, conveyance may seem to be a simple exchange of properties. When you delve deeper, you will realize that there is much more to it. A conveyance must know what type of property […]

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What you need to know about Regulated Local Authority Search

Posted by on 21/12/2016 in Disbursements

Regulated Local Authority Search is performed by a search agent rather than an official from local authority. With the publicly available information, the searches aren’t different than official searches. Search agents are able create reports that enables a buyer or mortgage lender to know if any local -government plans or regulations can affect a property. […]

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Types of disbursement when selling house

Buyers and sellers encounter various kinds of disbursement fees during conveyance. The disbursement when selling house does not include solicitors’ fees. They are totally separate from solicitors fees and are individually much less than solicitor fees, but can cumulatively be more expensive than the solicitor fees. The disbursement fees are for other institutions or individuals […]

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Yes and No of residential conveyancing

Conveyancing is the legal procedure of transferring possession of properties. It is well known that transferring properties can be frantic, and to save yourself from botheration know what to do and not to do while doing residential conveyancing and make your life easy. You can do: Carry out searches against the property: These searches can […]

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