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No move no fee means that if the sale or purchase of your property falls through you won’t have to pay their legal fees. It is also known as no completion, no fee.

Change Solicitor during Conveyancing – How it can impact conveyancing

Posted by on 13/09/2016 in No move no fee

Conveyancing can be very stressful sometimes, especially when things are not going as you expected. However, things can go even worse if you are not satisfied with the solicitor. There can be even more worries if the law firm is getting closed or the firm is opting to stay out of the conveyancing process. A […]

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What is No Sale No Fee Conveyancing?

Posted by on 24/06/2016 in No move no fee

Conveyancing is a necessary process in the UK to buy and sell any form of properties. Starting from residential to leasehold to commercial properties, conveyancing is mandatory and it is a must for property seekers seeking to buy and sell properties in the UK. Before moving on to the jargon words and notions of conveyancing, […]

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All part of conveyance

Posted by on 03/03/2016 in No move no fee

Transferring any property, in other words transferring the ownership of property in legal way is known as conveyance. Conveyancing can be a small word but the works come with this word is not small. This requires lots of time and attention towards it. Whenever we think of transferring property there is a reason and transferring […]

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Conveyancing: Prices and Quotes

Posted by on 29/02/2016 in Conveyancing Fees, No move no fee

If you are planning on buying or selling property, it is natural to assume that you will be hiring a conveyancer for the transaction. A conveyancer is someone who acts on your behalf when you buy or sell a house or land. They will complete all the legal work, negotiate with the other party, draw […]

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Pros and Cons of online conveyancing

Thinking about buying a property that will be your future asset? Are you trying to sell your house without any difficulty? Then your only way out is online conveyancing. Conveyancing is the legal transfer of the title of the ownership of properties. Conveyancing can be done online with the help of online farms who have […]

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Online conveyance

There are times when we need to transfer our property for money or any other reason. But when this kind of situation arrives we get worried as it is a long procedure and complicated too. We need to do all the works starting from looking for the property or buyers for your property. Then you […]

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How to get right conveyancer

Posted by on 10/12/2015 in No move no fee

Finding the right conveyancer is as difficult as to find the right property for you. There are many farms to serve you with conveyancers, but most of them will charge high costs with low rate services. This is why finding a conveyancing solicitor who will give you high class service but in a reasonable price […]

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The concept of no sale no fee/No deal no charge conveyancing

Posted by on 16/06/2015 in No move no fee

We’ve all seen the TV adverts advancing no win-no charge representation. It sounds appealing, yet do you really comprehend the idea of an impossible to win no expense course of action? Put essentially, the terms of a contingent no win – no charge understanding mean your solicitor will tackle your case or procedure realizing that […]

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Things to remember before you put your faith on online conveyancers

Moving house can be unpleasant without needing to think about whether you have picked the privilege lawful group to speak to you. You will need to practice alert when picking a Conveyancing Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer to follow up for you sake on the web. Modest Conveyancing is not ordinarily the best conveyancing. This shouldn’t […]

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Conveyance Cost: No Sale, No Fee

Posted by on 26/04/2015 in No move no fee

Cost of conveyance is an important tool for choosing conveyancer for your transfer of property. Transferring property varies from area to area and even from property to property. The cost involved therefore can rise or fall depending on various variables involved. Whenever you are buying or selling property within UK, you should pay prior attention […]

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