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Why coal mining search is important in conveyance

Posted by on 29/11/2016 in Conveyancing searches

It is important for a buyer to find out about mining activities around the property that he intends to buy. The property can be affected by the presence of mines. The property can also affect mining operations. The new buyer must know of any special agreements between the current owner and the mining company operating […]

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Conveyancing House searches in The UK

Posted by on 18/10/2016 in Conveyancing searches

Conveyancing includes legal and associated legal fees, amongst which all the necessary house searches should be covered. Why is it important to carry these house searches and what information can they provide about the property you are planning on buying? Local authority search You (if you are doing your own conveyancing) or your solicitor, the […]

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Local Authority Search in Conveyancing

Posted by on 26/07/2016 in Conveyancing searches

Conveyancing is a mandatory process. It is a legal process that must be followed in the UK when buying and selling properties. There are many residential and commercial areas throughout UK where prices of properties differ over a wide range. Properties bought in UK can be bought at as less as 30,000 pounds to as […]

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