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Engrossment fee refers to the fee that is charged by your conveyancer or solicitor to make a legalised and genuine copy of the legal documents required in your property dealing.

What is Engrossment fee?

Posted by on 04/10/2016 in Engrossment fee

Part of the conveyancing process is the exchange of a drafted contract; that stipulates all the information you prior discussed with the seller, let’s say, or with his solicitor. The draft is sent to both parties, to get verified and make any amendments necessary. Due to its “draft” status, the transaction paperwork can move back […]

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Engrossment Fee A Part Of Conveyancing Cost

Posted by on 16/08/2016 in Engrossment fee

Conveyancing is the process by which one can buy or a sell any type of property in the UK. It is a legal and a mandatory process and different types of properties require different types of paper work. There are also different types of fees involved in conveyancing and the fee varies. Usually, conveyancing for […]

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