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Vacant possession refers to the right of a purchaser to exclusive use of a property on completion of the sale, any previous occupant having moved out.

Vacant Possession Law UK: What It Means And How It Affects Your Property

Posted by on 28/07/2021 in Vacant possession

When purchasing a home in the UK, it is not uncommon to make an offer contingent on the seller vacating the property. This means that if you purchase the property, the seller is required to move out of it and give up possession of it before you take ownership. In some cases, this can be […]

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What is vacant possession and how does it affect a buyer?

Posted by on 26/05/2021 in Vacant possession

“Vacant possession” is a widely used term in selling and buying contracts, defining a property statute on the completion day. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions. What does taking vacant possession mean? The term vacant possession is important to property owners and tenants, however the term is not described in legislation, neither is […]

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Transferring of property or the ownership of property in a legal way is known as conveyance

Posted by on 03/02/2016 in Vacant possession

This conveyance can be really tough to handle as it has many legal aspects to it. But it is not that difficult if you know what to do and when to do it. This buying or selling property takes a lot of time and it requires great patience also. And if you want to go […]

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What to do/not to do in conveyancing

Posted by on 17/11/2015 in Vacant possession

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring properties. We know that it can be stressful to deal with the legal aspects of transferring properties. To avoid the stress we can hire a conveyancer from any conveyancing farm to help us to deal with these. Conveyancers help us to get the wanted property within our rich […]

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Dos and don’ts of residential conveyancing and moving houses

We all know that residential coveyancing and moving houses can be stressful, so why not save ourselves some energy by keeping in mind the following dos and don’ts- Dos Residential conveyancing Carry out searches against the property:Local authority search: This will reveal if there are any issued notices by the local authority or any approval […]

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