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DIY Conveyancing refers to conveyancing by the buyer themselves. Solicitors will only provide procedural guidance such as how to fill forms here.

The basics of DIY conveyancing kit

Conveyancing is a complicated practice, and there’s a lot of nitty gritty aspects of it that regular people don’t have any clue. It is recommended to consider a professional solicitor or licensed conveyancers’ assistance in the process. However, if you have an itch for learning the conveyancing game, it is legal to take up the […]

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The conveyancing legal aid you need during property transaction

Posted by on 10/04/2017 in DIY Conveyancing, Home Ownership

Conveyance involves a lot of legal issues. Things can get awful if the law is not followed during conveyance. A poorly conducted conveyance may mean that buyers and sellers lose a lot of money on litigation or during the property purchase itself. Solicitors offer conveyancing legal aid to anyone who wants to buy or sell […]

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What is involved in the transfer of equity?

Transfer of equity refers to the process where property ownership is transferred from one owner to the other. For example, if a couple with dual ownership are separating then the number of ownership is changed. Similarly, when couples get married the ownership may change to dual ownership. Solicitors are rarely involved in property transaction because […]

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5 Things You Should Know About DIY Conveyancing

Posted by on 22/08/2016 in DIY Conveyancing

Have you made the decision to do your own conveyancing? DIY conveyancing is a challenging path to to take, especially since you will have a million other things to do when buying or selling a house. Many people get into DIY conveyancing without knowing all the specific details of what you have to do. This […]

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DIY Conveyancing 101

Posted by on 28/07/2016 in DIY Conveyancing

In today’s era, everyone wants to do their own work. The same truth applies for conveyancing. While you can hire a conveyancer to help deal with the legal aspects of a property transfer in exchange for a fee, many people would prefer doing their own conveyancing. As a result, DIY conveyancing has become increasingly popular. […]

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How should you do your own conveyancing?

Posted by on 23/06/2016 in DIY Conveyancing

Conveyancing is an important and necessary process required by property owners and to be property owners when they buy or sell their desired property. It is a legal requirement that is a must in many countries like UK, Australia. For those, who have an idea about what conveyancing is, this guide is for them to […]

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Everything About DIY Conveyancing

Posted by on 01/03/2016 in DIY Conveyancing

Although it can seem like a simple task at first, conveyancing is actually more complex than it looks. It involves more than just filling up and submitting paperwork. If these aren’t done properly, or if they’re not done at all, then big problems can arise after the transaction has happened. This is why many people […]

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Conveyancing on a Tight Budget

Do you want to sell your property, but have problems with money? Or have you decided to buy a new home, only to realise that they cost way more than what you expected? Conveyancing is a rather expensive service, but ultimately it is worth the price. Buying or selling property is a lengthy and complex […]

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Conveyancing: Choices and Costs

Posted by on 26/11/2015 in DIY Conveyancing

If the prospect of buying or selling any property frightens or daunts you, you should know that you are not alone. Although the procedures and terms may seem confusing, they are actually quite simple. Firstly, any transaction of property requires conveyancing. You cannot buy your first home or any other property without going through conveyancing, […]

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Which option should you choose? DIY or Expert Conveyancing

Posted by on 09/10/2015 in DIY Conveyancing

Buying a home is no easy task. It is conceivably a very tiring process for most people. You will be investing the greater part of your life energy reserve funds to make the enormous speculation required to purchase the property. At this stage, it is just characteristic that numerous questions come up in your psyche. […]

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