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First time buyer refers to a person buying a house who has not previously owned a home.

First Time Buyer Stamp Duty 2021

Do first time buyers have to pay stamp duty? New rules mean that since August 2017 they probably don’t. But they will still have to complete the form. Read below for more information on Stamp duty rules.

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Reducing tax through stamp duty mitigation

The term stamp duty mitigation is a tax avoidance scheme that occurs during a property transaction. Buyers are usually expected to pay a tax after they fully purchase a house. This fee is paid for the benefit that the buyer gains upon buying a property. Taxes are payable for property values exceeding a given amount. […]

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What you need to know about restrictive covenants property agreement

Posted by on 13/04/2017 in First time buyers, Home Ownership

 A restrictive covenants property is a property whose use is limited by a restrictive covenant. A restrictive covenants property agreement is an agreement that is entered into by two property owners one of who agrees to restrict the use of his land for the benefit of other. The covenant usually applies to properties that are […]

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Government schemes for first-time home buyers

Owning a home in the Home in the United Kingdom is harder year after year. A buyer will have to save up a huge sum of money to even think about purchasing a home. A recent Halifax study in 2016 shows the average price needed for the first time is £400,000. That is not going […]

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Things to consider for first time buyer mortgage

Posted by on 05/04/2017 in First time buyers, Mortgages

The process of buying your first home is an adventure full of excitement and worries. First time buyers are very perplexed when it comes to the financial process since it requires and substantial investment. As a first time buyer, they have less familiarity with the mortgage process, legal obligation and requirements. This can mislead them […]

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How does Help to Buy work

Posted by on 15/11/2016 in First time buyers, Help to buy

Help to Buy is a governmental scheme that helps you move houses or purchase a residential property with a deposit as little as 5%. How can you use the Help to Buy scheme? Through an equity loan: the government lends you money to buy a newly built house, regardless if you are an existing homeowner […]

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Understanding the Conveyancing Timeline

How long does conveyancing take? Many buyers, particularly first time buyers, figure that in buying a house it is only the finance that they have to worry about. Once they have financing settled then the rest should be straightforward and fast to complete. Conveyancing, however, is not as simple and speedy as many would want. […]

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Residential Conveyancing

Residential conveyancing involves the buying or selling of a house or transferring the ownership of any residential property. Residential conveyancing solicitors exist to ensure that your property transaction runs as quickly and as smoothly as possible, whether you are buying or selling a house or have any other residential property requirement, from your initial instruction […]

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Stressed about your first time home purchase? Great Tips for less stressful conveyancing

Posted by on 01/09/2015 in First time buyers

In the event that like a great many people you are excessively stressed or time poor, making it impossible to do the conveyancing yourself, the following step is to discover a specialist or conveyancer and “teach them” to do it for you. Abstain from utilising the domain specialists suggested conveyancer as it will probably be […]

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Tips on Conveyance

Posted by on 22/04/2015 in First time buyers, Home Ownership

Conveyance is about transferring property and its ownership in a legitimate way. In UK, it’s immensely important to involve assurance in dealing with property transfer. Conveyance is a service that works for the best interest of the client in transferring ownership. People who are having a first time experience in conveyance often lack patience to […]

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