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Home ownership refers to the situation of owning one’s house or flat or of having a mortgage on it.

What you need to know about restrictive covenants property agreement

Posted by on 13/04/2017 in First time buyers, Home Ownership

 A restrictive covenants property is a property whose use is limited by a restrictive covenant. A restrictive covenants property agreement is an agreement that is entered into by two property owners one of who agrees to restrict the use of his land for the benefit of other. The covenant usually applies to properties that are […]

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The conveyancing legal aid you need during property transaction

Posted by on 10/04/2017 in DIY Conveyancing, Home Ownership

Conveyance involves a lot of legal issues. Things can get awful if the law is not followed during conveyance. A poorly conducted conveyance may mean that buyers and sellers lose a lot of money on litigation or during the property purchase itself. Solicitors offer conveyancing legal aid to anyone who wants to buy or sell […]

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Are there any Shared ownership risks

Shared ownership enables low-income earners to get homes at reduces prices. All they have to do is pay between 25% to 75% of the price of the house. The rest of the cost of the house is catered for by a financial institution. The buyer must then pay a rent to the financial institution with which he enters […]

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Analysing whether or not is now a good time to buy a house in the UK

Buying a home is a major decision that people in the UK have to confront one time or the other. Most of the elderly population of the UK that own homes bought their houses when they were 35 years old or younger. This is back in the day when house prices were lower and incomes relatively […]

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Launch of the housing white paper

Posted by on 21/03/2017 in Home Ownership, New build

Housing white paper is a recent government statement that outlines new policies for improving housing in the UK. The white paper has plans and purpose for ensuring that citizens of the UK find affordable housing. The housing crisis has been plaguing the UK for some time now. The government has taken all the blames for […]

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Becoming a member of the home owners alliance

Posted by on 20/03/2017 in Home Ownership

The Home Owners Alliance (HOA) is an organisation that advises, supports and encourages current and prospective homeowners in the UK. Home owners alliance is a consumer groups. Consumer groups usually help their members solve matters specific to those consumers. A member of this organisation stands a chance of enjoying the benefits of real estate ownership. […]

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How establishing legal title secures your property

Posted by on 14/03/2017 in Home Ownership

Legal title guarantees a buyer that a property belongs to him and no one else. There is nothing as important having a property in your own name. The UK property market has experienced a lot of feuds that arise from unclear ownership rights. A buyer will never know when his chosen property will be subjected […]

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Some of the questions to ask conveyancer

Conveyance is a highly complicated business. It takes the work of a highly trained solicitor to navigate through this business. On the surface, conveyance may seem to be a simple exchange of properties. When you delve deeper, you will realize that there is much more to it. A conveyance must know what type of property […]

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Tips on Conveyance

Posted by on 22/04/2015 in First time buyers, Home Ownership

Conveyance is about transferring property and its ownership in a legitimate way. In UK, it’s immensely important to involve assurance in dealing with property transfer. Conveyance is a service that works for the best interest of the client in transferring ownership. People who are having a first time experience in conveyance often lack patience to […]

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