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Land registration refers to systems by which matters concerning ownership, possession, or other rights in land are recorded to provide evidence of title, facilitate transactions and, prevent unlawful disposal.

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Importance of having unregistered land recorded in the Land Registry

Posted by on 13/01/2017 in Land registration

Registration of land helps in identifying land owners and facilitating real estate transactions. HM Land Registry was instituted in 1862. However, there was no obligation for landowners to register their properties. In 1997, the Land Registration Act was formulated to compel all landlords to register their properties. Some people registered voluntarily while others only registered […]

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Types of disbursement when selling house

Buyers and sellers encounter various kinds of disbursement fees during conveyance. The disbursement when selling house does not include solicitors’ fees. They are totally separate from solicitors fees and are individually much less than solicitor fees, but can cumulatively be more expensive than the solicitor fees. The disbursement fees are for other institutions or individuals […]

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Land Registry fees and Conveyancing

An additional cost when you move houses or change anything in the ownership are the Land Registry fees. What are these fees and why do you have to pay them? The Land Registry is a governmental agency responsible for every change you make in a title to the property and for all the details regarding […]

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The importance of conveyancing and conveyancer for selling or buying property

Posted by on 21/07/2015 in Land registration

Conveyancing is a critical piece of any land exchange, including the transference of a title from the seller to the purchaser. It may appear like a basic change of legitimate proprietorship, however as with any lawful exchange there can be a few issues that emerge along the way. To help explore the turns and turns […]

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An overview of the detailed Stages of Property Conveyancing

Concerning purchasing or offering a property there are a considerable measure of things to consider. Be that as it may, with the right Conveyancing firms you can make certain that each stage will be both professionally and altogether overseen, abandoning you push allowed to make the most of your new home. To help you pick […]

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