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Property Insurance refers to the insurance of home buildings and contents and personal possessions.

Why should you check building regulations when buying a house?

The buyers often think that a property with subtle design and work is a great investment. Once the conveyancing is done, and the land registration completes they are out of the furnace. However if you aren’t stringent in checking every aspect of the house properly, it would be a fool’s paradise. A seller must understand […]

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What you need to know about home renovation insurance

Home renovation insurance protects homeowners from the risks that are associated with improving a home. Home improvement is a duty that every owner must undertake from time to time. This responsibility is felt more by freeholders. Freeholders are expected by law to perform major home repairs such as the construction of roofs, strengthening of pillars […]

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Getting empty property insurance

House insurance covers homeowners from financial losses due to potential threats to their properties. Threats can present themselves in the case of fire, water flooding or burglary. Referred to as insurable risks, they are popular in the UK. The homeowner is compensated for any damages caused by the insured risks. Most insurance policies cover houses […]

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Why is it so important for Solicitors and conveyancers to have Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Posted by on 31/07/2015 in Property Insurance

What is Professional Indemnity Insurance ? It is held by an expert individual to guarantee that any cases of expert carelessness made against the expert individual can be met. To put it another route, there is very little point in suing an expert individual on the off chance that they don’t have enough cash to […]

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